Martes, 30 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

El Chile post Rechazo – Axel Kaiser
Chile: FMI crédito flexible de $18.500 millones – Reuters
Chile: El IPC crece más que el de otros países de la región – Bloomberg
Chile: Economía siente la resaca tras fiesta del consumo – Bloomberg
Chile Gets $18.5 Billion IMF Credit Line to Weather Risks – Bloomberg
Chile’s Proposed Left-Wing Constitution Could Spell Chaos – Reason
Bolivia: Arce autoriza nueva deuda externa por $1.142 millones – El Deber
Argentina: Buscar dólares pagando más tasa siempre termina mal – R. Cachanosky
Argentina: Inflación agosto cerca al 7%: Gobierno busca no devaluar – Infobae
Stocks Climb As Market Tests Key Level – Investor’s Business Daily
Stock futures jump after two-day Fed sell-off – Yahoo Finance
Recession Nowhere Near 100%, Says Bobrinskoy – Validea
Why I Love “Price Discrimination” – Joseph T. Salerno
U.S. needs a ‘miracle’ to avoid recession – Stephen Roach
Sound Money Can Prevent What Representative Democracy Does Not – P. Barron
Steve Hanke says we’re going to have one ‘whopper’ of a recession in 2023 – CNBC
Fed rate hikes won’t bring down inflation as long as Gov spending stays high – CNBC
Arthur Burns Reminds Us That the Fed Doesn’t Control Inflation – John Tamny
US Home Price Growth Slowed In June – Weakest In 13 Months – Zero Hedge
The Rich Keep on Shopping. Here’s What They’re Buying – Barron’s
Biden Debt Cancel Doesn’t Hit Root Problem, But It’s a Start – Andre Perry
España: La inflación continúa en agosto por encima del 10% – Libre Mercado
Francia: Corte de gas ruso pondría en peligro el crecimiento – Reuters
Alemania: La inflación vuelve a subir con récord del IPC armonizado – El Economista
German inflation hits highest level in almost 50 years – The Telegraph
El riesgo de estanflación ha aumentado en Europa – Estrategias de Inversión
BCE descarta crisis como la de 2008: “Serán semanas de recesión” – El Economista
Razones por las que el euro coge aire y vuelve a superar al dólar – El Economista
Norway Displaces Russia As Europe’s Biggest NatGas Supplier – Zero Hedge
Oil Retreats After Iraq Calms Supply Nerves Following Clashes – Bloomberg
¿Hay algún ganador de la crisis europea del gas?
– Estrategias de Inversión
IMF approves $1.1bn bailout package for Pakistan to help stave off default – FT
“Social Distancing” Was Supposed to Be Forever – Jeffrey Tucker
Strong Evidence From 2019 About Coronavirus Spread – Bill Rice
Frustrated Evergrande bondholders push own plan for debt restructuring – FT
Credit Suisse Slashes Global Equities Call, Warns of More Pain Ahead – Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley orders internal lawyer to supervise block trading desk – FT
JPMorgan Strategists See Bullish Stocks Signal in US Jobs Data – Bloomberg
China’s Mega Banks See Slower Profit Growth on Loan Pressure – Bloomberg
China: Bonistas de Evergrande impulsan su propio plan de reestructuración – Reuters
We are in a new era with China over Taiwan, says Kyle Bass – CNBC
Adani Becomes World’s Third Richest Trailing Only Musk, Bezos – Bloomberg
Berkshire sells 1.3M BYD H-shares for $47 million – Reuters

Wealth Management

Value Investing Has Changed – Validea
Beating the Market—By Lying – Validea
Keeping at it – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
August 2022 Newsletter: Investment Cycles – Lyn Alden
War on cash” update: A brighter outlook – Claudio Grass
Why Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Is Highly Rated – Lan Anh Tran
7 valores small caps de calidad infravalorados – Lauren Solberg
Howard Marks & Andrew Marks: Something of Value – Acquired
Don’t Read Too Much Into Central Bankers’ Words – Market Minder
La selección de la calidad y la paciencia se premian a largo plazo – EDM
Inflación: una de cal y otra de arena para bancos de países emergentes – Funds Society
Euro area: a policy mix dictated by energy worries – Frederik Ducrozet & Axel Roserens
How Much More Time Is Needed Before These Tech Stocks Bottom Out For Real? – IBD
Cobas Iberia baja al sexto puesto de fondos de bolsa española más activos – El Economista