Miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Chile: Bancos reactivan ventas de bonos en pesos – Bloomberg
Argentina: Inflación en agosto desacelera levemente – Bloomberg
Uruguay: qué reclaman los sindicatos contra Lacalle Pou – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Petroecuador alcanza tres acuerdos con Petrochina – Bloomberg
Perú: En 400 días Castillo realizó 70 cambios de ministros – Bloomberg
España: Madrid es un paraíso – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
Stocks rebound after worst day since June 2020 – Yahoo Finance
US Rail Strike Risks Inflation Boost at Worst Possible Time – Bloomberg
Ray Dalio: Rates at 4.5% Would Sink Stocks by 20% – Bloomberg
It Starts With Inflation – Ray Dalio
FMI: bancos centrales deben ser “obstinados” contra la inflación – Reuters
El fantasma de Volcker sobrevuela la Fed – El Economista
Congress Must Demand That the Fed Abide Its Central Plan – Alexander Salter
Gold Falls as Traders Weigh Fed Rate Path Amid High Inflation – Bloomberg
Oil Climbs: Easing Lockdown in Chinese City Sparks Demand Hope – Bloomberg
US shale bosses tell Europe: ‘There’s no bailout coming’ – Financial Times
Nomura calls for 100 bps Fed hike in September as speculation rises – Reuters
JPMorgan Plays Down Odds of Full-Point Fed Rate Hike – Bloomberg
Gundlach Urges Fed to Slow Rate Hikes. Summers Prefers 1% Jump – Bloomberg
Who Will Save American People From A Weaponized IRS? – Issues & Insights
Amtrak cancels long-distance routes as railroad strike looms – Fox Business
Some Good News About Global Economic Freedom – Richard Rahn
The Six Potential Horsemen of Financial Apocalypse – Robert Wright
A Reflection on Bastiat’s “What Is Seen, What Is Not Seen” – Donald Boudreaux
Better Approach to Economic Relations Between US/Taiwan – Clark Packard
UK inflation rate unexpectedly dips to 9.9% as fuel prices decline – CNBC

Wealth Management

The Upside of Driving a Piece-of-Junk Car – Jared Dillian
Lo que he aprendido desde la crisis de 2020 – Niko Garnier
The 10 Best Companies to Invest in Now – Susan Dziubinski
¿Podrá la Reserva Federal con la inflación? – Víctor Alvargonzález
El dato de inflación es malo, pero no entre en pánico – Sekera, Lauricella
The CPI Report Looks Bad, but Don’t Panic – David Sekera, Tom Lauricella
Informe mensual – Septiembre 2022 – Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management
After the tech sell-off: will growth investors keep the faith? – Financial Times
Cathie Wood Goes on Biggest Dip-Buying Binge Since February – Bloomberg