Viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

El Salvador: Bitcoin, el gran fracaso – Andy Failer
Bolivia: Arce promete construcción de 42 industrias de litio – Bloomberg
Argentina: Camino a una debacle por empeñarnos en repetir fórmulas – Adorni
Perú: Justicia pide 36 meses de prisión preventiva contra V. Cerrón – Bloomberg
Peru Extends Its Steepest Rate Hikes Even as Inflation Slows
– Bloomberg
Colombia: Economía desaceleró crecimiento en tercer trimestre – Reuters
Brasil: Mercados se hunden ante plan de gasto público de Lula – Bloomberg
Brasil: Economistas alertan sobre inflación por gasto fiscal
– Bloomberg
Lula seeks Brazil constitutional change to fund campaign pledges – Financial Times
Investors are doubting that the Fed will ‘stay the course’ – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures rise after lighter CPI sparks biggest rally since 2020 – Yahoo Finance
Grocery prices jumped 12.4% year over year – Yahoo Finance
Powell’s Favored Curve Calls Time on the Fed’s Tightening Cycle
– Bloomberg
The S&P Rose Over 5% Thursday. How Odd Was the Surge? – William Baldwin
The Spectacular Implosion of Crypto’s Biggest Star, Explained – Emily Stewart
The Implosion of FTX Is Reaching Impressive Depths of Stupid – Alex Kirshner
Deficits & Spending Are a Tax, But They Don’t Cause Inflation – Scott Shepard
Here’s Why Economic Growth Does Not Bring About Inflation – Alexander Salter
Progress For Jerome Powell, But What About Everyone Else? – Jeffrey Snider assets frozen by Bahamas – Bloomberg
El ecosistema cripto puede sobrevivir a la caída de FTX – Tyler Cowen
Crypto peaked a year ago — investors have lost more than $2 trillion since – CNBC
Bankman-Fried’s Assets Plummet From $16 Billion to Zero in Days
– Bloomberg
Musk reportedly said Twitter could file for bankruptcy next year – Yahoo Finance
Facebook Is Imploding All On Its Own, No Antitrust Required – Joe Lancaster
Commodities Soar After China Eases Quarantine Rules – Zero Hedge
UK Economic Contraction Heralds Start of Protracted Recession
– Bloomberg
Britain’s businesses are ‘running out of fight’ – CNBC
España: UE rebate al Gobierno y rebaja a la mitad el PIB de 2023 – El Economista

Wealth Management

Value Stocks Follow Rates Higher – Ian Culley
Un dólar excepcionalmente fuerte – Jadwiga Kitovitz
No me gustan los fondos flexibles – Fernando Luque
Three Global Cities Where You Can Still Beat Inflation – Simon Black
Rally Shows Sentiment Was Detached from Reality – Market Minder
Do “Technology Shocks” Create the Boom-Bust Cycles? – Frank Shostak
Fondos monetarios, refugio predilecto en entornos volátiles – Josep Nin
¿Cómo estamos posicionando nuestras carteras? (octubre 2022) – Schroders
It’s still a bear market and the inverted yield curve is concerning – Carl Icahn