Martes, 7 de marzo de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: BCB amanece con largas filas tras el anuncio de la venta de dólares – ANF
Bolivia: Bonos soberanos se hunden ante caída de reservas de dólares – Bloomberg
Inside El Salvador’s mega prison: the jail giving inmates less space than livestock – FT
Powell alerta nivel de tipos de interés “más alto de lo anticipado” – Bolsamanía
Fed’s Powell to update views on status of ‘disinflation’ – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures inch higher ahead of Powell testimony – Yahoo Finance
The Cost of Federal Reserve’s Trillion Dollar Bridge To Nowhere – Andrew Levin
The Fair Tax Would Add Trillions to the Debt – William Gale & Kyle Pomerleau
Rising Budget Deficits Are the Surest Sign Of a Lack of Inflation – John Tamny
The Myriad Problems With Biden’s “Abundance Agenda” – Christian Britschgi
Powell Faces Congress. Inflation and the Debt Ceiling Are in Focus – Barron’s
The Hearing Republicans Should Hold About Economy – Steve Forbes
“They Lied To Us All”: Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud And Kangaroo-Court Cover-Up – ZH
ECB Says Consumer Inflation Expectations Fall Significantly
– Bloomberg
European Bonds Get a Respite From Softer Inflation Expectations
– Bloomberg
UK Pound Could Weaken Further, Warns BOE’s Catherine Mann
– Bloomberg
España: Gobierno ignoró aviso de fuga masiva de empresas a Países Bajos – El Economista
BlackRock says European companies are showing ‘surprise resilience’ – CNBC
China warns of potential conflict with US over containment strategy – Financial Times
China’s Latest Economic Plan Doesn’t Offer Much to Bulls – Barron’s
Demand for Gas Is Past Its Peak. It’s Not Just About EVs – Barron’s

Wealth Management

9 Undervalued Stocks That Crushed Earnings – Jakir Hossain
The Investment Industry Could Make A Difference – Lauren Foster
Bull Market Is In Full Swing, and Most of Us Are In Denial – Ken Fisher
US Stocks On Verge Of Reasserting Their Dominance Over EU – Simon White
Mientras otros buscan privacidad, Salinas alardea de su riqueza – Bloomberg
Inflation: up like a rocket, down like a feather – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
Así invierte José Ramón Iturriaga en el fondo Okavango Delta que gana un 15% – FundsNews