Viernes, 29 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina se encuentra inmersa en el empobrecimiento crónico – Manuel Adorni
Bolivia: Arce decreta incremento salarial del 3% para trabajadores estatales – Los Tiempos
How Crazy Do You Have to Be to Support Dollarization? – Nicolas Cachanosky 
Stocks Rise to Close Out a Brutal Month – Barron’s
Stocks rise as Fed-favored inflation data cools – Yahoo Finance
US Core PCE Prices Post Smallest Monthly Rise Since Late 2020
– Bloomberg
The Fed’s favorite inflation indicator rose less than expected in August – CNBC
Fed’s preferred inflation gauge hits lowest level since 2021 – Financial Times
Ray Dalio: “Vamos a tener una crisis de deuda en EEUU” – El Economista
According to the FTC, Real Competition Is Anti-Competitive – Peter Jacobsen
The Dollar’s Back To Rampaging Against Every Major Currency – Jeffrey Snider
Eurozone inflation hits two-year low – Financial Times
Eurozona: La inflación desacelera al 4,3%, mínimos de casi dos años – El Economista
Euro zone inflation fell to 4.3% in September, lowest level since October 2021 – CNBC
Is The U.S. Headed For An All-Out War Against China? – Steve Forbes
U.S.- China Chip War Nears Its Moment Of Truth – Jed Graham
Is China’s Economy Stabilizing? Why September’s Data May Disappoint – Barron’s

Wealth Management

The Least Bad Choice – Barry Ritholtz
Rising Rates Are the Market’s Golden Thread – Ian Culley
An Actual, Lasting Lesson From LTCM ’98 Collapse – Market Minder
Investors Are Learning That Bonds Can Lose Money Too – Michael Cannivet
Should You Delay Taking Social Security Benefits? – John Rekenthaler
Our Currency Is ALWAYS Sacrificed When Crisis Hits, Without Exception – Wealthion