Miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia hacia la estanflación: Arce confirma pesimismo – Mauricio Ríos García
Zimbabwe Cedes Highest Interest Rate Title to Argentina – Bloomberg
Argentina’s election result is the worst of all possible outcomes – The Economist
Argentina: Bullrich anunciará apoyo del PRO a Milei en el balotaje – Bloomberg
Regulator Wants Chileans to Stop Playing With Their Pension Funds
– Bloomberg
Chile: Negociación ramal: el Ministerio del Desempleo – Tomás Flores
Nubank celebra 10 años con 90 millones de clientes en Latinoamérica – BI
Nasdaq Futures Slide on Earnings; Alphabet Slumps
– Bloomberg
Nasdaq, S&P 500 futures fall as Alphabet casts cloud – Yahoo Finance
Bond selloff sets off new recession warning – Yahoo Finance
Fed Watcher: A Nervous Hold In November – Amy Yang
Taylor Rule Signals Fed Is Already Done Hiking – Jessica Menton
The Last Time US Yields Rose So Much, It Sank the Economy Twice
– Bloomberg
Strongest US Economic Growth Since 2021 Puts Fed in Tough Spot
– Bloomberg
If the Economy Is Growing, How Come Tax Revenues Are Plunging? – Issues & Insights
Bidenomics just popped a historic $2T hole in the federal budget – New York Post
Biden’s Red-Line Moment With Iran – The Wall Street Journal
Iran’s ayatollahs play the Middle East’s most dangerous game – The Economist
UN agency in Gaza says it will run out of fuel within hours – Financial Times
EEUU: Tasas hipotecarias se disparan a su nivel más alto en más de 23 años – Reuters
Google supera previsiones con $19.700 MM de ganancia en el 3T – Reuters
Europe’s Money Markets Are on Alert for Stricter ECB Bank Reserve Rules
– Bloomberg
España: Sánchez y Díaz pactan una estocada de 10.000 MM a las empresas – Libre Mercado
China Stocks See Stimulus Falls Short of Dispellig
– Bloomberg
Country Garden defaults on international bond – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Bill Ackman Is the New Bond King – Barron’s
¿Qué esperar del BCE este jueves? – Lukas Strobl
Jeremy Grantham’s Contradictions – Cole Smead
When The Time Comes To Buy, Will You? – J.C. Parets
The 10-Year Treasury Yield Tops 5%. Now What? – Dave Sekera
Buying a House Is Riskier than Investing in Stocks – Jared Dillian
How The NBA Became A $10 Billion Annual Business – Joe Pompliano
The Bond Selloff Might Be Over. Buy These Stocks to Win – Barron’s
Una inflación elevada y un dilema para los bancos centrales – Mark Nash
What’s the Lifestyle of a 65-Year Retiree With $1 Million? – Geoff Williams
The More You Know, the Better Your Scam Defenses Can Be – Market Minder
Debt, Inflation, War & the Incontrovertible Case for Gold – Matthew Piepenburg
Preferimos invertir en un entorno de tipos de interés altos – Tomás Pintó, Bestinver
IRS Collects $160 Million From Wealthy Taxpayers Amid ‘Increased Compliance Efforts’ – ZH
¿Ha pasado Ackman el “florero” a quienes apuestan contra los bonos? – Víctor Alvargonzález