Lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Estamos en estaflación desde el ao 2010 – Martín Redrado
Argentina: Sin dólares frescos, Milei apostará fuerte al plan fiscal – Infobae
Argentina: Milei debe demostrar que puede gobernar Argentina – Tyler Cowen
Can Milei Really Shut Down Argentina’s Central Bank? – Daniel Lacalle
Venezuela says voters back claim to oil-rich swath of Guyana – FT
Chile: Crece el apetito por el riesgo en el mercado de bonos – DF
Chile: El futuro de la economía: qué se espera hoy – Hernán Büchi
Chile: Reaparece el apetito por riesgo en mercado de bonos – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Riesgo país supera los 2.000 puntos, según Banco Central – AE
Bonds, Stocks in Retreat as Rate Realism Seeps In
– Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley: S&P 500 faces a rocky December – Yahoo Finance
US futures retreat from rally as Fed doubts swirl – Yahoo Finance
Left Out of the Rally—11 of 2023’s Most Unloved Tech Stocks – Barron’s
Yield Hunt Is Finally Back On for Buyers in Emerging Markets
– Bloomberg
Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodities This Week
– Bloomberg
US funding for Ukraine set to run out by end of the year, White House warns – FT
The Fed’s Alleged ‘Inflation Fight’ Was a Big, Fat Non Sequitur – John Tamny
“Inflation Is Your Fault” And Other Self-Loathing Liberal Lies – QTR
Will High Interest Rates Trigger a Debt Disaster? – James K. Galbraith
Gold price hits all-time high as traders bet on rate cuts – Financial Times
El oro brilla más que nunca por encima de los 2.100 dólares – El Economista
Gold Spikes To Record High Over $2,130, Bitcoin Soars Above $40,000 – Zero Hedge
Bitcoin and Gold Enjoy Twin Rallies. Why That’s Unlikely to Last
– Barron’s
Bitcoin price surges above $42,000 to 20-month high – Financial Times
Lamenting What Might Have Been – Donald Boudreaux
Why Government Is A Terrible Landlord – Steven Greenhut
Let the Market, Not Government, Decide the Fate of EVs – Kenneth Costello 
España aumenta la deuda pública en 164 millones diarios – Daniel Lacalle
España: La IED huye de Cataluña en plena escalada separatista – Libre Mercado
How to deal with Europe’s zombie banks – Patrick Jenkins
Poland’s central bank turns to ECB in spat with Tusk – Financial Times
Analyst Who Called Chinese Bank Turmoil Says Trusts Are Next
– Bloomberg
Chinese developer Evergrande wins more time for restructuring deal – FT
Op-Ed: China’s Economy Is Shifting. The World Isn’t Ready for It – Marc Chandler

Wealth Management

The Whales Are Coming – Alfonso Peccatiello
Mis Sorpresas 2024. ¿Y las tuyas? – Enrique Roca
US deficits are testing investor patience – Nathan Sheets
Overcoming a Cash Addiction in Your Portfolio – Ben Carlson
How Soon Is Too Soon For Fed Rate Cuts? – Matthew Luzzetti
Apple: Espere una corrección antes de comprar – Morningstar
PCE Deflator: Further Signs Of a Q4 Slowdown – Richard Moody
Should You Invest in Stocks, Bonds, or a 5% CD? – Christine Benz
Here’s How to Invest in Gold as It Hits an All-Time High – Bloomberg
Elegimos las preguntas fáciles del examen – Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro
Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books – Gary Galles 
Los herederos multimillonarios tienen un problema – Chris Hughes
A un mes de cerrar 2023, ¿cuál es la situación de los mercados? – Andbank
Los pequeños errores al invertir en bonos se pagan siempre muy caros – Andbank
The Fed can’t be ‘anywhere near as stubborn’ when it comes to rate cuts – Jeremy Siegel