Lunes, 29 de abril de 2024

Economía Internacional

Arce asegura que “el gas se ha agotado, no hay de dónde sacar plata” – El Deber
Arce: “hoy no tenemos la plata que teníamos antes, el gas se ha agotado” – El Diario
Bolivia: Buscan industrializar el litio con esquema financiero diferente – Los Tiempos
Paraguay busca competir con Bolivia en transporte de gas argentino – El Deber
Argentina: El tipo de cambio real se redujo 40% en 4 meses – Infobae
Argentina: En 4 meses, riesgo país cayó el triple que resto de emergentes – Infobae
Argentina: Congreso vota paquetes de reformas liberales de Milei – Reuters
Colombia: Petro se abre a reformas que empiecen desde cero en Congreso – Valora
México: La industria florece impulsada por Estados Unidos y China – CNN
S&P 500 futures gain after Tesla’s China gambit – Yahoo Finance
Stocks trade for 390 minutes a day. Increasingly, only 10 matter – Bloomberg
Reverse Carry Trade Sees Dollar Bets Funded by EM Currencies – Bloomberg
Opposite Experts, Inflation Is Most Certainly Not Rising Prices – John Tamny
Why Are We Gambling With America’s Fiscal Future? – David Brooks
The Students Biden Wants To Bail Out — with Your Money – Issues & Insights
Musk’s surprise China trip clears two key hurdles for Tesla – Yahoo Finance
Tesla jumps 12% after passing key hurdle to roll out full self-driving in China – CNBC
Oil Erases Loss Amid Focus on US Efforts for Truce in Gaza – Bloomberg
Economists’ Advocacy for a Carbon Tax Is Misguided – Kenneth Costello
What’s Wrong With Biden’s Housing Tax Credit? – Laurence M. Vance
La inflación en España avanzó ligeramente a 3,3% en abril
España: Sánchez: dispara la deuda 445.000 MM desde que llegó – José M. Rotellar
Sánchez no dimite: “He decidido seguir con más fuerza si cabe “ – El Economista
Sanchez Stays as Spanish Premier After Threatening to Quit – Bloomberg
German Inflation Ticks Up Again as Energy Support Ends – Bloomberg
Humza Yousaf quits as Scotland’s first minister – Financial Times
Japan Opts to Keep Traders in Dark on Whether It Intervened – Bloomberg
PBOC Expands Warning on Bond Investments to Regional Banks – Bloomberg
Apple’s iPad hit by EU digital dominance crackdown – Bloomberg
Tesla surges on China win; investors brace for huge week – Yahoo Finance
China advierte de la escasez de suministro eléctrico en verano
– Reuters
Chinese regulators warn against SVB-style meltdown – Financial Times
Bill Ackman invierte solo en uno de los “Siete Magníficos” – Estrategia de Inversión
MicroStrategy’s Saylor Reaps a Stock Windfall During Bitcoin’s Record Run – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Be Careful What You Wish For – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Don’t Forget That In Retirement, Cash Is King – Brian O’Connell
First Quarter GDP Was Better Than Pundits Said – Market Minder
Los Mejores Fondos de RV Global Alto Dividendo – Fernando Luque
The Unfortunate Truth About Claiming Social Security @70 – Adam Levy
March PCE: Is Discretionary Services Spending Faltering? – Richard Moody
Q1 GDP: Headline Miss Masks More Constructive Details – Richard Moody
The New Era Of Fiscal Dominance = A Lot Of Painful Changes – Lyn Alden
¿Qué debe hacer el pequeño inversor ante el riesgo geopolítico? – Finizens
The Market Is At A “Critical Juncture”: Which Way Will It Go? – Lance Roberts
Activos privados y gestores de patrimonios: ¿por qué, y por qué ahora? – James Ellison
What Is Stagflation? What Causes It and What We’ve Learned from the 1970s – Shrey Dua
Commodities: el gran ganador en las estrategias multiactivo tras un primer trimestre de rally – Robeco