Martes, 2 de abril de 2024

Economía Internacional

What Biden Can Learn About Economics from Javier Milei – Merrill Matthews
Stocks open in sea of red as yields touch 2024 highs – Yahoo Finance
Unemployment is rising in parts of the US. Not all a bad thing – Yahoo Finance
Markets Are Back to Seeing Fewer Rate Cuts Than the Fed
– Bloomberg
Tesla sinks after big delivery miss – Yahoo Finance
Housing’s outsized role in the Fed’s inflation problem – Yahoo Finance
Trump Fraud Charges Show Why There Was No Fraud – John Tamny
Trump Got His $175 Million Bond From Billionaire Fan’s Firm
– Bloomberg
German Inflation Slows Further as ECB Readies June Rate Cut
– Bloomberg
Fall in German inflation boosts hopes of ECB rate cut – Financial Times
Portugal, lejos de los PIGS: diferencias con España, Grecia e Italia – El Economista
The Important Legacy of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom – Stephen Anderson
Iran and Hizbollah vow to retaliate over Damascus consulate attack – FT

Wealth Management

Europe equities are too cheap to ignore – Karen Ward
Bolsa EEUU: Perspectivas para el 2º trimestre – Dave Sekera
Legislative Action That May Catalyze Subsector AI Boom – Luke Lango
¿La escasez de semiconductores continuará por mucho tiempo? – Álex Fusté, Andbank
Shrinking Money Supply = Recession And Sub-2% Inflation By End Of Year – Steve Hanke