Martes, 21 de mayo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Bancos devolverían Bs 7,9 MM por comisiones por dólares – El Deber
Bolivia: Banca especula, tiene más del doble de dólares que en 2023: Gobierno – BD
Spain permanently recalls ambassador to Argentina – Financial Times
Sánchez fracasa en su intento de lograr un apoyo masivo del Ibex – The Objective
Colombia: Gobierno buscará el millón de barriles diarios de petróleo – Valora
Mexico’s drug cartels are thriving – Financial Times
US stocks hold near record highs with Nvidia in focus – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s Waller sees some progress on inflation, no rate hike needed – Reuters
Waller wants ‘several months’ of good inflation data before lowering rates – CNBC
Bostic dice que la Fed debe ser cautelosa tras la primera bajada de tasas
– Reuters
Economists offer grim prediction on inflation this year – Fox Business
Rate cuts have a complicated history for the stock market – Yahoo Finance
How Nvidia’s earnings could spark a $200B stock swing – Reuters
Amazon halts orders of Nvidia ‘superchip’ to await updated model – FT
Yield Curve Headed Toward Upward Slope – Argus Research
Yellen urges Europe to join US in Chinese exports crackdown – FT
Are the US and Chinese economies really about to start ‘decoupling’? – FT
Robinhood lowers interest rate on margin loans in growth push – Reuters
Actually Mr. Biden, the Inflation Numbers Truly Suck – Kevin Williamson
Sorry, “Corporate Greed” Does Not Cause Inflation – Charlie Musick
Were You Better Off Under Trump’s Economy or Biden’s? – David McIntosh
Machines Will Never Be More Creative Than Creators – Alberto Mingardi
‘Groundhog Day’ Trading Built Risk at Archegos, Witness Says – Bloomberg
Britain’s inflation rate could be about to drop below the BoE’s 2% target – CNBC
Shell shareholders reject investor climate resolution – Reuters
Japón sigue de cerca la debilidad del yen y del mercado de bonos – Reuters

Wealth Management

Permabears Hate Nashville – J.C. Parets
U.S. Inflation Outlook: It’s a Start – Justin Weidner
Renta fija: ¿llegan los recortes de tipos? – Mark Nash
Recession or No, Stocks Are OK With the UK – Market Minder
Why Private Equity Is No Place for Your Nest Egg – Allison Schrager
PMIs de la Eurozona: Qué esperar de los datos de mayo – Sara Silano
En busca de oportunidades de inversión macro globales – Dave Fishwick 
CBDC vs. Crypto vs. Digital Assets: Blockchain Tech and Stablecoins – Perianne Boring
Ante la incertidumbre inerradicable, mantenerse siempre invertido a largo plazo – Mauricio Ríos García