Viernes, 10 de mayo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: ¿Qué hacer si la crisis degenera en depresión? – Mauricio Ríos García
Bolivia: Arce advierte medidas contra exportadores que no traen dólares – BD
Bolivia: Hay que usar las RIN, ‘no son para guardar eternamente’: Arce – La Razón
Chile: Banco Central bajará tasa clave de interés al 6,0% en mayo – Reuters
Perú: Pobreza monetaria se elevó a 29% en 2023 – América Economía
Brasil: Pérdidas por inundaciones en el sur superan los $3.600 MM – Infobae
Bunge halts soy crushing plant in Brazil’s flood-hit state – Reuters
Stocks open higher as rate-cut confidence fires up – Yahoo Finance
Why recession-proof stocks are leading the market’s latest pop – Yahoo Finance
Getting Monetary Policy Back On Track – Judy Shelton
Fed likely to cut interest rates this year as economy slows: Bostic – Investing
‘Strong Economy’ In Recent Years? Think Again – David Stockman
Lack of Savings Is the Surest Sign There’s No Retirement Crisis – John Tamny
Texas Is Hardly a Free-Market Archetype For the United States – Jason Sorens
Trump’s Second-Term Plan: Raise Prices Everywhere – Ryan Teague Beckwith
Why Americans Say It’s the Worst Time Ever To Purchase a Home – Matt Egan
Joseph Stiglitz: Stupid or Sinister? – Tho Bishop
Ackman Scolded Over Diversity Views at Closed-Door Milken Session – Bloomberg
La recesión silenciosa de la economía española – José María Triper
Reino Unido salió de la recesión en el primer trimestre – AFP
The U.S. is now Germany’s biggest trading partner — taking over from China – CNBC
Carmakers bet on hybrids as shift to EVs slows – Financial Times
Toyota seeks to create ‘game changer’ to take on Chinese rivals – FT
Chinese EV maker Zeekr prices IPO at $21, at the top end of range – CNBC
PBoCh mantendrá precios estables y evitará riesgo de que yuan se dispare – Reuters

Wealth Management

Wealth as you have not seen it before – Derisk
Market Bubble Popping Now? Bull Run Over – Gary Shilling
Here’s Why an Investment ‘Holy Grail’ Doesn’t Exist – Lance Roberts
Do Investment Bankers Work Too Hard? – Lydia Moynihan & Josh Kosman
A Timeless Investing Lesson Drawn From Birds & Failure – Elisabeth Dellinger
From Horsepower to Electric Vehicles, Markets Beat Mandates – Terry Anderson
As the Dollar Falters, Gold Becomes Insurance, Not Speculation – Douglas French
Why trends are so intoxicating for investors — and dangerous – Yahoo Finance