Martes, 23 de febrero de 2021

Economía Internacional

Justicia brasileña da 72 horas a Bolsonaro y para explicar Petrobras – AE
En Argentina no alcanza con equilibrio fiscal – Adrián Ravier
Argentina: Cada vez hay más gasto público y más pobreza – Roberto Cachanosky
Bolivia: Bloqueo soyero contundente en departamento de Santa Cruz – El Diario
Bolivia: Gobierno bajaría déficit fiscal a -9,5% con inversión pública – Los Tiempos
Oil group Petrobras plunged into turmoil after CEO’s dismissal – FT
Debunking The Myth Of The Savings Glut – Daniel Lacalle
An American ‘Belt & Road’ Would Shrink U.S. Global Influence – John Tamny
Oh, Come On: Rates Have Been Rising for a Yr! – Joseph Calhoun
Ray Dalio Sees 5% of Top U.S. Stocks in Bubble Territory – Yahoo Finance
Inflation Phases: From Deflation Repair To Inflation Despair – Zero Hedge
How an increase in inflation affects the average American – Richard W. Rahn
Bitcoin se hunde un 20% con los jarros de agua fría de Yellen y ‘el Buffett indio’ – Invertia
Bitcoin corta su rally: ¿fin de la subida o entrada en boxes? – Cinco Días
Bitcoin extends its slide, tumbling below $50,000 – CNBC
Bitcoin Tumbles Below $50,000 as Caution Sweeps Over Crypto – Bloomberg
Elon Musk Loses $15 Billion in a Day After Bitcoin Warning – Bloomberg
Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Tweet Hurts Tesla’s Own Bet in Currency – Yahoo Finance
Pimco Gets Burned as Just Energy Craters After a Big Texas Loss – Yahoo Finance
Yellen Favors Higher Company Tax, Signals Capital Gains Worth a Look – Yahoo Finance
Spotify to Launch in 85 New Markets, Reach More than a Billion Listeners – Yahoo Finance
WeWork’s Neumann Nears Deal To Settle With Softbank For $500MM – Zero Hedge
Airlines Rise As $1.5 Trillion In Extra Cash To Fuel Rebound – IBD

Wealth Management

Is Everything a Bubble? Wrap-Up – Real Vision
The Big “Buy & Hype” Bitcoin Casino – The Wolf Street Report
The Great Reflation of Western Finance with Diego Parrilla and Tavi Costa – Blockworks
ARK’s Cathie Wood Schools Warren Buffett With 3 Top Stocks – IBD
Los valores cíclicos suben, pero el mercado sigue hundiéndose – Charles Castillo
Wells Fargo agrees sale of asset management arm to private equity for $2.1bn – FT
Wells Fargo vende su gestión de activos a GTCR y Reverence Capital Partners – Funds Society