Lunes, 1 de marzo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Médicos amplían paro nacional por 15 días – El Diario
Economía de Chile se contrae 3,1% en enero – América Economía
Chile: Codelco aumenta sus beneficios en 2020 – América Economía
México: Pemex sufre la mayor pérdida de su historia en 2020 – América Economía
Food Inflation in India to Rise as Chickens, Milk May Cost More – Bloomberg
Thomas Sowell: Sense Amid Senselessness – Art Carden
Stocks Climb as Small Caps Outperform; Bonds Drop – Bloomberg
The Fed Can’t Engineer Outcomes That Market Forces Reject – John Tamny
Stocks’ long-running ‘TINA’ advantage could be ending – CNBC
The Price Of Admission In Bonds – Charlie Bilello
Why This QE Is Different In One Chart – Macromon
Will Rates Keep Rising? Four Key Metrics To Watch – James Picerno
Food Prices Are Soaring Faster Than Inflation and Incomes – Bloomberg
Robinhood Traders Who Got Free GameStop Display 9,000% Gains – Bloomberg
Burry Says Shorts Will Be “Ruthless” To Wood – Zero Hedge
Texas Power Firm Hit With $2.1 Billion Bill Files for Bankruptcy – Bloomberg
Trump Freezes Republican 2024 Field With Hints of a 2016 Rerun – Bloomberg
Nicolas Sarkozy Sentenced To Prison In Humiliating Corruption Conviction – Zero Hedge
EU In Disarray Over Russia As Brussels Begs To Be Taken Seriously – Zero Hedge

Wealth Management

Me enorgullece haber hecho ganar dinero a todos los clientes – Iván Martín
Buffett advierte de un “futuro sombrío” para los inversores de renta fija – Funds Society
Altas probabilidades de sufrir enormes pérdidas con bonos – Miguel Boggiano
Warren Buffet’s Annual Shareholder Letter 2020 – Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett: Bond investors ‘face a bleak future’ – Yahoo Finance
If inflation is rising, why is gold price still down? – Lobo Tiggre
These Stocks Are Set To Benefit from Post-Vaccine Rebound – Paul La Monica