Martes, 30 de marzo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Impuesto a las grandes fortunas: muchos interrogantes – Funds Society
Argentina: Cada vez menos empresas contratan personal – Roberto Cachanosky
¿Volverá Chile a progresar aceleradamente? – Hernán Büchi
Bolivia: BM proyecta 4,7% de crecimiento de la economía – Página Siete
Brasil: Bolsonaro reemplaza a seis ministros de su gabinete – América Economía
Colombia Is Preparing For A Fracking Boom – Matthew Smith
España: Ni rastro de recuperación – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
Pfizer prevé producir hasta 2.500 millones dosis de vacunas este año – Invertia
German state suspends AstraZeneca vaccine use for under-60s – CNBC
Can Las Vegas Recover from Covid? – Doug French
How the U.S. Is Vaccinating Its Way Out of the Pandemic – Bloomberg
GDP Hides the Damage from the Covid-19 Lockdowns – Patrick Barron
Biden to Announce Transportation-Focused Stimulus Wednesday – Yahoo Finance
Why Stimulus Can’t Stave Off the Impending Market Correction – Bert Dohmen
The One Promise The Fed Is Going To Keep – Peter Schiff
Audit The Fed? We Just Did – Jerry Bowyer
Real Savings Are at the Heart of Lending – Frank Shostak
‘America is dead’; why your passport could be seized by the government – Doug Casey
Russian National Wealth Fund Turning To Gold, Dumping Dollars – Zero Hedge
Crude Oil Lower as OPEC Meeting Looms Large – Investing
Credit Suisse Girds for Billions in Losses From Archegos Hit – Bloomberg
Archegos-Linked Stocks Sink on Block-Trade Fallout Fears – Yahoo Finance
Margin call: la operación de la última tensión en el sector financiero – Funds People
Japan’s Biggest Bank Warns of $300 Million Loss Tied to Bill Hwang’s Fund – Bloomberg
Markets Are More Knowledgeable Than Intellectuals – Donald Boudreaux
The 2 Most Powerful Forces in Markets – Charlie Bilello
Karl Marx: Worst Person In World History? – Daniel J. Mitchell

Wealth Management

Informe semanal: Semana volátil que termina con ganancias – Charles Castillo
‘Margin call’: la locura China (y ojo, que van dos) – Rodrigo Rodríguez
La quiebra de Archegos: el margin call más grande de la década – Luis Angel Hernandez
España: Por qué el sector inmobiliario no se une a la fiesta – Víctor Alvargonzález
Azvalor: potencial de revalorización de fondos insignia por encima del 100% – Funds Society
Angst Weighing On Investors – Charles Payne
Sometimes It’s Safe to Say Bulls AND Bears Are Right – Joseph Calhoun
A Collision of Macro Narratives: March Research Newsletter – Crescat Capital