Jueves, 29 de abril de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Romero renuncia al Tribunal Supremo Electoral – El Diario
Bolivia: Moody’s prevé un 3% de PIB a futuro y alerta elevada deuda – P7
Chile: Piñera promulga el tercer retiro de pensiones – América Economía
Grupo México deja atrás pérdidas: registra beneficio neto de $ 1.030M
– AE
U.S. economy surges to start the year as GDP jumps 6.4% in Q1 – CNBC
U.S. Recovery Gains Steam as Spending Fuels 6.4% GDP Growth – Bloomberg
Caterpillar’s Earnings Smashed Forecasts. Dealers Are Restocking – Barron’s
Tesla’s Quarterly Report Notes a New Risk – Barron’s
Consumers Who Desire Privacy Finally Getting Their Way – Jeffrey Tucker
Digital currency ether hits a record high, stealing bitcoin’s limelight – CNBC
So What Will The Fed Do Now? – James Picerno
Inflation About To Blast Off? Keep A Close Eye On Crude Oil Here – Zero Hedge
Fed’s Rate Message Powers Gold Higher – Pinchas Cohen
Monetary Savings versus Real Savings – Frank Shostak
The Myth of “Efficient Markets” – Jim Rickards
The Stock Market Melt Up Will End in 2021 – Steve Sjuggerud
Gold price up following rise in U.S. weekly jobless claims – Neils Christensen

Wealth Management

Abra: The Future of Crypto Banking – Bill Barhydt
Why the Future of Money is Gold & Silver – Alasdair Macleod
The Everything Bubble and What it Means for Your Money – Colin Lloyd
Gold, Silver, Miners Bullish, All Over The World, Plus Insanity! – King World News
Why has silver price not yet spiked from demand, but copper has? – Lobo Tiggre
Crèdit Andorrà, mejor banco digital y en RSC de Andorra – Funds Society
La Fed se mantiene firme ante una inflación transitoria: reacciones – Funds Society
Del optimismo cauto de la Fed a la preocupación por el mercado de bonos – Funds Society