Jueves, 8 de abril de 2021

Economía Internacional

México se va a quedar rezagado – Enrique Quintana
España: Gobierno rebaja previsión del PIB en 8 décimas, a 6,4% – El Economista
España: Aumentar el gasto público no reactivará la economía – Francisco Coll Morales
BCE: mantendremos política monetaria acomodaticia el tiempo necesario – Bolsamanía
ECB needs a sustained recovery before winding down crisis measures – Olli Rehn
Norway’s huge oil-backed wealth fund invests in an offshore wind farm – CNBC
Debt-distressed countries will not be saved by the IMF’s $650 billion – CNBC
Biden Says Infrastructure Plan Vital To Keeping Pace With China – Zero Hedge
Biden might agree to a 25% corporate tax rate, rather than the 28% – Business Insider
Janet Yellen Is Serious, and That Is What’s So Sad – John Tamny
Fiscal Dominance and Fed Complacency – James Dorn
3 Reasons to Reject Biden’s Tax Harmonization – Dan Mitchell
U.S. Tax Plan Welcomed by Luxembourg as Going in Right Direction – Bloomberg
US Tax Grab, Capital Flight, Huge Malinvestment And Lower GDP Growth – Rabobank
War On Cash: The Next Phase Begins – James G. Rickards
Archegos: Snowflake That Triggers the Avalanche? – James G. Rickards
Archegos and Credit Suisse: Tip of the Iceberg – Egon von Greyerz
Can Credit Suisse Avoid Becoming The ‘Deutsche Bank’ Of Switzerland? – Bill Blain
Flight to Value Stocks Hits ESG Funds – Wall Street Journal
GameStop, AstraZeneca and Twitter Rise Premarket – Investing
MacBook, iPad Production Delayed Due to Global Chip Shortage – Zero Hedge

Wealth Management

Rates, Bitcoin, Archegos, Gold – Jared Dillian
Tesla: Not As Expensive As It Might Seem – Oleh Kombaiev
Rick Rule on the coming commodities supercycle – Kitco News
Howard Marks Says This Is the Time to Try to Be Resourceful – Bloomberg Tv
Tres motivos para invertir en fallen angels estadounidenses – BNY Mellon IM
Buyer and Seller Behavior: Analyzing Bitcoin’s Fundamentals – Yassine Elmandjra