Martes, 6 de abril de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Reprogramación de créditos diferidos suma $us 529 MM – Página Siete
Duro diagnóstico del FMI sobre Argentina – Infobae
Argentina: La economía no tiene condiciones para otra cuarentena – Roberto Cachanosky
Weary Peruvians to choose yet another president amid crises and Covid – FT
Is Venezuela Preparing For A Military Strike On Colombia? – OilPrice
Oil Rises On Strong Economic Growth Signals – OilPrice
Oil prices hang in the balance ahead of Iran nuclear talks – CNBC
IMF: Pandemic will leave little lingering damage for advanced economies – FT
Más paro: la economía española empeora – Daniel Lacalle
España: Por qué Madrid prospera sin recurrir a impuestos que asfixian – E Economista
Siestanomics? Spain Launches Nationwide Test Of 4-Day Work Week – Zero Hedge
Italian and French banks revive ‘doom loop’ fears with bond buying – FT
Be Serious, States Weren’t Coronavirus-Autonomous In 2020 – John Tamny
Vaccine Passports and the Economy – Patrick Watson
The Market’s Already Priced What You Know – Joseph Calhoun
Credit Suisse Sells $2.3 Billion of Stocks Tied to Archegos – Yahoo Finance
Credit Suisse Takes $4.7 Billion Hit, Replaces Risk, Investment Bank Chiefs – Bloomberg
Archegos Fallout: Credit Suisse Cuts Dividend, Slashes Buybacks – Zero Hedge
Credit Suisse removes senior executives after $4.7bn Archegos losses – FT
Roubini Warns U.S. Yields Above 2% Will Bite Amid Excess Risk – Bloomberg
Robinhood Generation Is Debating Old School Investors on Trading Stocks – Bloomberg
Richest New Yorkers Face Tax Hike Under Proposed Budget Deal – Yahoo Finance
Yellen Declares End to Trump’s Global Retreat, Eyes Tax Deal – Yahoo Finance
War on Cash: The Next Phase – James G. Rickards
SoftBank invests $2.8 billion in Norwegian robotics firm AutoStore – CNBC
China’s Digital Currency Has Nothing to do with Bitcoin – Jeffrey Tucker & Peter C. Earle

Wealth Management

Resumen 6ª Conferencia Anual de Inversores – Azvalor
Q1 2021: 30 ETF Winners And 20 Losers – Tezcan Gecgil
Trea AM: renta variable, ¿activo estrella de 2021? – Funds People
The Growth-Value Cycle – Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
April 2021 Investing Newsletter: Seeking Equilibrium – Lyn Alden
Ranking de las 10 personas más ricas del mundo tras un año de pandemia – Infobae
Perspectivas trimestrales: entre el optimismo y la preocupación por la inflación – Funds Society