Lunes, 17 de mayo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia contrató empresas chinas por cerca de 6.000 millones de dólares – P7
Chile: Ahora los independientes dominan la Constituyente – América Economía
¿Qué dicen en Wall Street sobre Chile tras las sorpresivas elecciones? – DF
Peso chileno cae tras por delegados para redactar nueva Constitución – AE
El peso chileno se devalúa 3,3% tras la derrota del domingo – Infobae
Chile votes for radicals and independents to write new constitution – FT
Argentina: Comienza semana financiera complicada para el Gobierno – Infobae
Colombia’s social unrest could spread across Latin America – Michael Stott
Perú: Castillo y Fujimori en empate técnico a tres semanas de balotaje – AE
Inflation and China’s Slowing Stimulus: Trouble for Emerging Markets – Barron’s
España: ¿Qué dijo la OCDE sobre el impuesto de sucesiones? – Juan Ramón Rallo
EEUU: Inflación, oro y bitcoin – Miguel Boggiano
World Economic Forum cancels 2021 meeting planned for Singapore – CNBC
Vaccine Passports and Medical Paternalism – Birsen Filip
The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything – Bloomberg
Ignore All the Pessimism, The ‘Baby Bust’ Is Highly Bullish – John Tamny
Biden Loudly Flaunted His Economic Ignorance Last Week – Jeffrey Tucker
Yes, Paul Krugman, Booms Are Unsustainable – William L. Anderson
It’s Not Jimmy Carter’s Inflation, but It’s Still Worrisome – Randall W. Forsyth
War Of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed – Judy Shelton
The Real Estate Boom in Vegas Is More Frenzied Than Ever – Doug French
Republicans Are Setting a Tax Trap for Biden – Rick Newman
Biden Wants a Global Minimum Tax to Offset His Huge Corporate Tax – Andrew Moran
Broda and Druckenmiller Fight the Last Battle Like the Fed – Joakim Book
Socialism’s Not What You Think. Neither’s Fascism – Walter Block
AT&T to exit media in $43 billion deal with Discovery – Yahoo Finance
AT&T to Merge Media Assets With Discovery – Barron’s
¿Por qué Amazon ha emitido bonos? – Funds People
Understanding Big Tech Dominance Requires Economics – Peter C. Earle 
Goldman Sachs banker quits after making millions on cryptocurrency – CNBC
Microsoft Conducted Probe on Gates’s Involvement With Employee – Bloomberg
Bitcoin Tumbles After Musk Implies Tesla May Sell Cryptocurrency – Bloomberg
Higher Corporate and Capital-Gains Taxes Won’t Hurt Stocks – Mark Hulbert

Wealth Management

Everything is Transitory – Charlie Bilello
Move to a High-Tax Country if… – Nomad Capitalist
How to Play Bill Ackman’s Next Move – Andrew Bary, Barron’s
Interview: The Money Bubble, What To Do Before It Pops – James Turk
Asset managers express caution on cryptocurrency after price swings – FT
Mala semana, pero los inversores sacan partido a las caídas – Charles Castillo
Why You Need Cash to Survive as the Fed Turns Manic Depressive – Rick Rule
A Global Financial Fire Is Coming And Investors Must Get Prepared Now – Egon von Greyerz