Miércoles, 2 de junio de 2021

Economía Internacional

Ranking de Sustentabilidad Medioambiental 2021: Bolivia, última – AE
Chile: Empleo, uno de los principales desafíos pendientes – Tomás Flores
Argentina: Encajes y Bonos del Tesoro, peligrosa movida del BCRA – Nicolás Cachanosky
Colombia: Duque denuncia: organizaciones pagan 100.000/día a vándalos – Infobae
Colombia: Uribe cree que Duque debe renunciar si resuelve bloqueos – Infobae
Venezuela: Covid-19 Data Is a State Secret, but Citizens See Many Deaths – WSJ
Venezuela’s Covid-19 death toll claims ‘not credible’ – The Guardian
México abandona plan de nacionalizar el litio – América Economía
Latin America Leads Revolt Against Free-Market Growth Model – WSJ
Oil Rises From Highest Since 2018 on Bullish Western Demand – Bloomberg
Turkish Lira Headed Lower – Pinchas Cohen
Iran’s Largest Warship Mysteriously Catches Fire And Sinks – Zero Hedge
Israel Finds Probable Link Between Pfizer Shot, Myocarditis – Bloomberg
When Politicians Panicked: Interview – John Tamny
How The U.S. Economy Will Fundamentally Change – Mohamed El-Erian
White House Announces a New Plan to Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap – Yahoo Finance
Why central bankers no longer agree how to handle inflation – Financial Times
Inflation in Rich Countries Hit a 12-Year High in April – WSJ
Inflación, objetivo cumplido – Víctor Alvargonzález
La inflación presiona, pero el BCE no quiere hablar del tapering – El Economista
The Markets Don’t Mirror Pundit Inflation Fears – Joe Calhoun
Robert Reich Really, Really Wants to Tax the Rich – Walter Block
Austin, Texas, ranks top for tech worker migration, LinkedIn shows – Fox Business
Bitcoin’s Dead Cat Bounce – Seeking Alpha
Bitcoin should be legalized as money, let it compete with Dollar – Ron Paul
JP Morgan vaticina que el derrumbe del precio de Bitcoin – Infobae
Digital currencies are the future for Russia’s financial system – Elvira Nabiullina
Credit Suisse plots lawsuit against SoftBank over Greensill – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Is it Good to Buy Gold Now? – GoldCore
El futuro inmediato de los títulos value – T. Rowe Price
Inflation, Gold, Silver—and Making Money Now – Lobo Tiggre
Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro: Uranio y Energía Nuclear – Iberian Value 2021
A Longtime Value Manager Bets on Gold Stocks. Here’s Why – Barron’s
Nvidia: This Is The Biggest Reason To Own The Stock – The Asian Investor
Is AMC Stock Worth the High Price? We Did the Math – Barron’s
Hedge Fund Flips ‘Overvalued’ AMC, and Shares Keep Surging – Bloomberg
Will gold price continue ‘stellar performance’? It all depends on this – Gary Wagner