Viernes, 2 de julio de 2021

Economía Internacional

129 países acuerdan respaldar un impuesto mínimo global corporativo – Diario Financiero
Bolivia: Era la pandemia – Humberto Vacaflor
Argentina: A todo o nada arrancó el segundo semestre – Manuel Adorni
El Salvador: Bukele propone aumento del salario mínimo del 20% – América Economía
Fitch quita grado de inversión a Colombia: reduce calificación crediticia a BB+ – AE
Colombia loses decade-old investment grade status – Financial Times
Peru Inflation Unexpectedly Jumps as Near-Zero Rate May Not Last – Bloomberg
Food Markets in Caracas Empty Out as Inflation Hits the Poorest – Bloomberg
ECB to crack down on dangerous risks in banks’ leveraged lending – FT
España: La banca siempre gana: socializando pérdidas – Enrique Roca
From Alpha to Delta, Why Virus Mutations Cause Alarm – Bloomberg
Maybe We’re Too Ready For the Next Pandemic – Jeffrey Tucker
Global tax overhaul nears historic deal amid last-minute hurdles – Financial Post
World’s leading economies agree global minimum corporate tax rate – FT
Biden Gave GOP An Opening to Exit Infrastructure Deal – Stephen Moore
Biden Wants to Hook Middle Class on Handouts – John Steele Gordon
US Deficit to Hit $3 Trillion in 2021: CBO – Yahoo Finance
America the Beautiful, Revised Version – Tyler Cowen
The Bubble Epoch Gets Worse – Bill Bonner
U.S. adds 850,000 jobs in June, better than expected – CNBC
$100 oil? Analysts share their price forecasts – CNBC
Crude Oil Slips as OPEC Members Discuss Output Levels – Investing
China of Today Seeks Nothing But Its Own Terms – Jeffrey Snider
Alibaba’s Ma, Tsai Pledged Shares for Bank Loans – Yahoo Finance
Can the Lightning Network Lead to “Hyperbitcoinization”? – Peter St. Onge
Should silver really be $150 and gold $3k? Are current prices an ‘insult’? – Lobo Tiggre

Wealth Management

Bolsas, oro y bitcoin para fin de año – Javier Molina
Informe All Seasons Momentum Junio -3,46% – Hugo Ferrer
Micron Earnings Point To More Upside To Come – Haris Anwar
Micron: This Was Even Better Than I Thought – The Asian Investor
10 Undervalued Wide-Moat Stocks – Susan Dziubinski, Morningstar
Building A High-Conviction Portfolio For The Long Haul – Jim Golan
What Investors Need to Know About Warnings From China’s Xi – Reshma Kapadia