Lunes, 30 de agosto de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Financiar déficit fiscal será principal tarea del Gobierno – El Diario
Argentina: “Lo peor no pasó, lo peor está por venir” – Roberto Cachanosky
Argentina: PBI per cápita, debajo de los $9.000 por primera vez en 15 años – Infobae
Colombia: Exministro Alberto Carrasquilla es codirector del Banco Central – AE
Petroecuador inicia campaña de perforación en campo clave – América Economía
El BCE podría reducir las compras de bonos de forma inminente: Villeroy – El Economista
Made in France: Biden’s Fiscal and Regulatory Socialism – Richard M. Ebeling
COVID-19 Vaccines and the Delta Variant – Gilbert G. Berdine, M.D
Actually, the WHO Blatantly Oversold the C19 Vaccine – Jeffrey Tucker
Fed’s Powell Cheers Markets But Risks a Mistake – Mohamed A. El Erian
Fed announced taper timeline, here’s why market ‘tantrum’ didn’t hit yet – Steve Hanke
Gundlach: When party ends the hangover is a sharp drop in economic growth – Yahoo Finance
Why Jim Grant says the Fed is ‘playing with fire’ – CNBC
Hidden Inflation? – Don Boudreaux
Markets think there will be a slower Fed taper timeline: El-Erian – CNBC
Fed Will Start to Taper by End of Year: AllianceBernstein’s Wong – Bloomberg
Taper Time Is on the Way, Maybe. Powell Sets the Stage With Caveats – Barron’s
While In A Jackson Hole, The Fed In No Way Indicated It Is About To Stop Digging – Michael Every 
John Paulson on Why Gold Goes Parabolic – Bloomberg
Billionaire investor John Paulson: crypto holders should be prepared to lose everything – Bloomberg
Mobius Says Hold 10% in Gold as Currencies Will Be Devalued – Bloomberg
Emerging economies cannot afford ‘taper tantrum’ repeat: IMF’s Gopinath – Financial Times
George Soros: Investors in Xi’s China face a rude awakening – Financial Times
China’s regulatory crackdown has wiped billions off tech stocks – CNBC
PMI de agosto confirmará la desaceleración de China – El Economista
TikTok owner ByteDance takes first step into virtual reality with latest acquisition – CNBC

Wealth Management

Ojo con la relentización – Daniel Lacalle
El mercado está satisfecho con el discurso de Powell – Charles Castillo
Tapering 2021: Primeras reacciones de gestoras internacionales – Funds People
¿Son incompatibles las filosofías Growth y Value? – Pablo Martínez Bernal
La Fed se prepara para una crisis en Jackson Hole – Alejandro Estebaranz
Where to Find Opportunities in China’s Stock Market – Reshma Kapadia
6 Reasons Amazon Is Set To Soar And Too Cheap To Ignore – Dividend Kings
Duelo al sol de dos estrellas de Wall Street: Wood vs. Burry – Miguel Moreno Mendieta
Exxon Mobil Vs Royal Dutch Shell Stock: Which Is The Better Buy? – Jonathan Weber