Jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gobierno promulga la ley de incentivos tributarios – El Diario
Bolivia lanza licitación para certificar reservas de gas natural – El Deber
Bolivia: Termoeléctricas bajan consumo de gas para cumplir con exportación – Los Tiempos
Perú: Moody’s rebaja la calificación de riesgo a “Baa1” – América Economía
Brasil: Lula aparece como favorito en una encuesta 2022 – América Economía
Argentina: ¡Es el gasto! Precandidatos liberales devorados por el sistema – Diego Giacomini
Salvadoreños preocupados por la adopción del bitcoin – América Economía
Medio siglo de la UFM – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
Humanity’s Response to the Virus Sets Us Up for Worse – Donald Boudreaux
A Guide to the Fossil Fuel Provisions of the Biden Budget – Muresianu & McBride
Bill Gross says Treasurys are trash, sees 10-year rate rising to 2% – CNBC
Bill Gross Says Bonds Are ‘Investment Garbage’ Amid Low Yields – Bloomberg
Is Junk Bonds (JNK) Poor Performance A Red Flag For Investors? – Kkmblecharting
Inflation puts pressure on America’s fast-expanding dollar stores – Financial Times
European Central Bank to announce tapering in December: Zangarelli – CNBC
WhatsApp has been fined $267 million for breaching EU privacy rules – CNBC
China’s Ghost Cities Are Finally Stirring to Life After Years of Empty Streets – Bloomberg
Futures Just Keep Ramping Higher As Bitcoin Rises Above $50,000 – Zero Hedge
Billionaire-Backed Exchange Funded by Alleged Scheme to ‘Pump’ Price – Bloomberg
Why crypto won’t be critic John Paulson’s next big short – Financial Post
Dalio’s Hedge Fund Risks Being Dumped by Pension on Weak Returns – Bloomberg
China’s stock market crash may lead to global ‘systemic sell-off’ – Tavi Costa
We’re still in bull market, momentum players are piling on – Jeremy Siegel

Wealth Management

Preserving Capital through Bankruptcy – Doug French
Here’s an Aggressive Options Play on Moderna Stock – Barron’s
Why Renting a Home May Be the Responsible Route – Jared Dillian
A complete guide to the world’s best stock pickers – Business Insider
Los inversores invertidos hasta los dientes en acciones – Hugo Ferrer
I will be the first to admit—bonds are not attractive right now – Jared Dillian
¿Qué es lo que deprime las rentabilidades del bono del Tesoro a 10 años? – Morgan Stanley