Lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2021

Economía Internacional

Chile: Por dónde equivocarse – Luis Larraín
For Chile’s Peso, It May Be Darkest Just Before the Dawn – Bloomberg
Chile’s Presidential Election: Will Socialism Or Free Markets Prevail? – Steve Forbes
Bolivia: Ejecución de presupuesto en ministerios apenas pasó 50% – El Diario
Perú: Percepción de retroceso del país es la más alta desde 1991 – El Comercio
Perú quiere subir 4 puntos la carga tributaria minera, hoy en 42% – América Economía
Colombia: Duque reitera que el salario mínimo puede subir 10,07% – El Tiempo
Stocks drift lower as traders look ahead to Fed decision – Yahoo Finance
Bond Traders Stare at Worst Real Returns Since Paul Volcker Era – Bloomberg
What Really Caused Inflation – John Mauldin
Inflation Surges Near to a 40-Year High. Wages Aren’t Keeping Up – Ryan McMaken
Fed Needs to Go Beyond Doubling Its Taper Rate – Mohamed A. El Erian
As Inflation Roars, the Federal Reserve Faces a Thorny Choice – Barron’s
The CPI Was as Bad as Expected. What It Means for Fed, Biden – Barron’s
UK: Ómicron ya representa el 40% de los contagios en Londres – Infobae
Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” – Zero Hedge
OPEC+ Undershoots Oil Production Target Again – OilPrice
Oil rises on optimism Omicron impact will be limited on fuel demand – Fox Business
Unfolding Tragedy In Turkey Underscores Preeminence of Currency Policy – John Tamny
Turkish lira plunges to fresh low ahead of anticipated interest rate cut – CNBC
Ukraine blames Germany for ‘blocking’ Nato weapons supply – Financial Times
Ackman Says SALT Tax Deduction Increase ‘Makes No Sense’ – Bloomberg
Let’s Not Enable Overspending by Waiving PAYGO – Sen. Rand Paul
Elon Musk named Time’s 2021 ‘Person of the Year’ – Investing
SEC Shouldn’t Be Let Anywhere Close To Crypto – Charles Gasparino
Government ‘Regulation’ of ‘Stablecoin’ Is a Multi-Sided Misnomer – John Tamny
Rich Bernstein: Own everything but ‘bubble assets’ tech and crypto – CNBC
China: “This Is What Hyper MMT Looks Like” – Eric Peters
These Are the Biggest Economic Risks for 2022 – Bloomberg
Here’s When the ‘Everything Bubble’ Will Burst – Murray Sabrin

Wealth Management

Value Traps vs Growth Traps – Asset Allocation Team
Michael Burry vende sus acciones – Álex Estebaranz
Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro: Lo mejor está por llegar – TDND
Catálogo de riesgos para 2022: ¿Cómo gestionarlos? – Andbank
Why Peter Lynch Is Wrong About Index Funds – Michael Hiltzik
Weekly Market Pulse: Has Inflation Peaked? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
The yield curve: why investors are watching closely – Financial Times
Stock Market Is Overvalued And Overpriced: What Should Investors Do? -Steve Forbes
Credit Suisse welcomes back De Ferrari to run wealth management – CNBC
Airline Stocks Will Remain A Risky Bet In 2022 – Haris Anwar