Jueves, 20 de enero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Postergan cambio de ministros, habrá evaluación en febrero – El Diario
Bolivia: Pacto de Unidad plantea cambio de cinco ministros – El Deber
Venezuela celebra una rara llamada con tenedores de bonos – Bloomberg
Colombia: Por qué la Bolsa tiene sus mejores días, ¿durará? – Bloomberg
Chile: Gabriel Boric y la Realpolitik – Luis Larraín
Chile Asset Rally Faces Moment of Truth as Boric Builds Cabinet – Bloomberg
Chile: Estado y explotación – Axel Kaiser
Peru Is Luring Back Investors as Political Shockwaves Dissipate – Bloomberg
Brazil: Offshore investors are putting money to work in the stock market – Bloomberg
Oil Is Now “Out Of OPEC’s Hands” And Is “Going Higher” – Quoth the Raven
España: Aniquilarán las sicavs y cumplirán la voluntad de Iglesias – Beatríz García
A Marvelous, Humanitarian Substance – Donald Boudreaux
Nat Immunity Neglect Has Been a Disaster – Makesh Shenai & Hooman Noorchashm
When Inflation Wreaks Havoc on Retirement Budget – Maurie Backman
Crash the Stock Market or Stop Inflation: The Fed’s Dilemma – George Gammon
ECB and IMF Studies Show Spending Caps Are the Ideal Fiscal Rule – Dan Mitchell
Lagarde rejects calls for ECB to act faster on inflation – Financial Times
El monstruo de la inflación lleva a Europa a una crisis del coste de vida – El Economista
Biden’s first year marked by trillions in giveaways – Fox Business
Biden, Europe Sanctions Caution Cast Doubt on Russia Response – Bloomberg
Why Larry Fink Insights Are a Must for Chief Executives – William White
World’s Safest Company Bonds Have Worst Start to Year in Decades – Bloomberg
Bank of Russia Seeks to Outlaw Mining and Trading of Crypto – Bloomberg
Russian central bank proposes banning cryptocurrencies – CNBC
Saylor Says MicroStrategy Will Never Sell Stash – Bloomberg
Mining Stocks Explode Higher As Short Squeeze Underway – KWN

Wealth Management

Dónde inbertir en 2022 – Mauricio Ríos García
Best Ideas For International Investments In 2022 – Susan Dziubinski
Oportunidades para quienes nadan a contracorriente – Juan Gómez Bada
How ‘Safe’ Assets Have Become Investors’ Biggest Risk – Allison Schrager