Miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2022

Economía Internacional

Colombia: Libertad económica en declive – Camilo Guzmán
México: La silenciosa confiscación de la inflación – Manuel Sánchez González
Argentina Raises Key Rate to 44.5% as Inflation Heats Up – Bloomberg
Nato to provide Ukraine with defences against chemical and nuclear weapons – FT
Putin Adviser Chubais Quits Over Ukraine War and Leaves Russia – Bloomberg
Ukraine Is Changing the World Order, Just Not How Putin Hoped
– Bloomberg
Russia says it has moved over 50% of foreign aircraft to its own registry – Reuters
Will Biden Sanction Half the World to Isolate Russia? – Ryan McMaken
Wall Street Is Scrambling For the Exits in Moscow — Billions at Stake – Bloomberg
Wall Street pulls back on stocks, Treasury yields dip – Reuters
It Won’t End Well for Covidians Drunk With Power – Jeffrey Tucker
Lessons from the Pandemic on Deregulation – Daniel Sutter 
Fed chair is talking the talk, but not walking the walk – Larry Kudlow
Fed Chairman Powell: We Need To Raise Interest Rates Quickly – CNN
Larry Summers urges Fed to move faster on rate hikes – Fox Business
Government Debt and Inflation: Reality Intrudes – Gerald P. Dwyer 
Inflación. Un fenómeno monetario – Daniel Lacalle
The Case Against Higher Taxes – Dan Mitchell
Carl Icahn: “Puede haber una recesión… o algo peor” – Bolsamanía
Oil jumps in volatile trade amid CPC pipeline disruption – Investing
Short Squeeze Sends Oil Prices Above $120 – Zero Hedge
No More IMF Subsidies for Dictators – John Kennedy
Putin dispara el gas tras pagar en rublos a la UE, UK o EEUU – El Economista
UN Secretary General Guterres Calls Coal Investment “Stupid” – Irina Slav
¿Será el uranio la inversión de la década? – TDGA

Wealth Management

How People Think – Morgan Housel
Tesla’s Battery Is Running Flat – James Hanshaw
Global Macro Update – Ed D’Agostino and Bruce Mehlman
Top 6 Reasons Why Gold is the Best Money – Monetary Metals
Not Just Groceries: Inflation Is Eating Your Investments – John Coumarianos
Dollar will be ‘inflated out of existence’, is a Bitcoin Standard next? – Doug Casey
No hay que quejarse de la inflación, hay que rentabilizarla – Víctor Alvargonzález
¿Cómo proteger tus ahorros en tiempos de guerra? – Juan Ramón Rallo y Carlos Santiso
Consecuencias de la guerra de Ucrania en el campo económico-financiero – Cobas AM
Los ex-Bestinver Trillo y Cañete desvelan su nueva gestora: Panza Capital – Cotizalia
Nace Panza Capital, la nueva gestora de los ex de Bestinver – El Economista
Antiguo equipo de Bestinver monta Panza Capital – Funds People