Jueves, 21 de abril de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gobierno crea empresa de producción agropecuaria – El Deber
Chile: Boric quiere dejar atrás retiros de AFP; diputados no – Bloomberg
México: ¿A quién culpará AMLO por la inflación?Enrique Quintana
México: FMI reconoce que deuda es muy estable: Ramírez – El Financiero
España busca que la UE apruebe acuerdo comercial con Chile – Bloomberg
Putin anuncia toma de Mariúpol – El Financiero
Putin claims ‘liberation’ of Mariupol despite fighters holding out – FT
Ukraine-Russia peace talks are likely to fail – Business Insider
La amenaza nuclear de Putin hace pensable el Armagedón – Tyler Cowen
Negotiating with Putin is like dealing with a ‘crocodile’: Boris Johnson – Business Insider
What Taiwan can learn from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – The Economist
El plan más brusco del BCE: subida de tipos al 2% contra la inflación – El Economista
Euro, impulsado por apuestas de subida de tasas del BCE y debate de Macron – Reuters
France: Macron remains the strong favourite to win presidency – The Economist
Macron accuses Le Pen of dependence on Putin – Financial Times
German Food Prices Rise 20-50% – Capitalist Exploits
Germany says it will keep using Russian energy for now – Business Insider
‘Worst crisis since the WWII’: Germany prepares for Russian gas embargo – FT
Oil rises as investors focus on lower supply from Russia, Libya – Reuters
Biden’s order makes a mockery of the infrastructure bill – Larry Kudlow
US economy facing ‘modest’ recession next year: Fannie Mae – Fox Business
Buckle up: The Fed is about to get tough on inflation – CNN
The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield keeps climbing – CNBC
The “Inflationary Hell” That’s About To Break Loose – David Stockman
Speculating Inflation Will Get Worse From Here – David Eifrig
La burda manipulación de Biden sobre la inflación – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
The Fed always screws up, says Hedgeye’s Keith McCullough – Market Watch
EEUU: Un aterrizaje suave es imposible: camino hacia la recesión – El Economista
Netflix closes down 35% wiping more than $50 billion off market cap – CNBC
William Ackman renuncia a Netflix y pierde 400 millones de dólares – EI
Ackman Loses More Than $430 Million on 3-Month Netflix Bet – Bloomberg
U.S. stock futures climb after Tesla restores faith in earnings season – Market Watch
Roku Stock’s Steep Drop Attracts Cathie Wood’s ARK Funds – Barron’s
Spotify Won’t Renew Podcast Deal With The Obamas – Zero Hedge
Norway’s Wealth Fund Lost $74 Billion in First Quarter – Bloomberg
Melvin Capital Considers Unwinding Fund Before Asking Investors To Reinvest – ZH
Calpers Plans to Vote to Replace Warren Buffett as Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman – WSJ
Tesla Stock Jumps After Hours As Earnings Top Views – Investor’s Business Daily
Beijing Crackdown Derails Alibaba’s Bid for Amazon-Size Profit – Bloomberg
China Sales Index Falls to 22-Month Low During April Lockdowns – Bloomberg
China Stocks Plunge as Xi Offers No Respite From Covid Lockdowns – Bloomberg
China’s Woes Extend Beyond Its Dismal Stock Market – Barron’s
The Obnoxious, Anti-Health Conceit of Mass Testing – Yuri Blondi

Wealth Management

El problema del ‘timing’ – Miquel Roig
El respeto a los impuestos – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
Pressure Mounting in the JGB Market – Jim Bianco
Hear Me Out: Interest rates will go lower –  Jared Dillian
Is a Low Unemployment Rate Bullish for Stocks? – Charlie Bilello
Bonds And the Fed Are Still Way Behind the Curve – Scott Grannis
The Biggest Wealth Transfer In History – As The Bull Dies – Egon von Greyerz
Wisdom From Greats to Help You Weather Stocks’ Turbulent Ride – Ken Fisher
Why the price of gold is heading for a ‘modest new all-time high’ – Yahoo Finance
Is Switzerland still a safe jurisdiction for precious metals investors? – Claudio Grass
Apple Vs. Microsoft Vs. Treasury Bonds: The Battle Of Safe Havens – Ahan Vashi
Efectivamente: era una burbuja y dará mucho juego – Víctor Alvargonzález
El ‘slowflation’ del que se empieza a hablar ahora tiene más sentido – Víctor Alvargonzález
Informe trimestral de estrategia (2T 2022) – Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management