Jueves, 2 de junio de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brasil crece menos de lo previsto en golpe para Bolsonaro – Bloomberg
El Salvador: S&P rebaja la calificación crediticia a CCC+ – El Salvador
Chile: Convención vota plazos a implementar nueva Constitución – Bloomberg
Chile: Marcel tras anuncio de Boric: “Reforma tributaria es ambiciosa” – T13
Chile: Boric destaca necesidad de invertir en Codelco – América Economía
Colombia: Los vientos de tormenta sobre la economía – Editorial La República
Colombia: Encuesta CNC: empate técnico entre Petro y Hernández – Infobae
Colombia: Hernández ganaría con 52,5% en segunda vuelta, según GAD3 – RCN
Argentina mantiene su alianza comercial con Rusia – La República
US Futures Drift; Oil Slumps on Saudi Pledge – Bloomberg
Stocks Slammed As Fed Vice-Chair Pours Cold Water On A ‘Pause’ – Zero Hedge
Investor fears set the table for an ‘echo bubble’ down the road – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s Bullard Sees 3.5% Rates Setting Up Cuts in 2023 or ‘24 – Bloomberg
Earnings Forecasts Haven’t Fallen Yet. That’s a Problem – Barron’s
A Case for Worry About Inflation, But Not 1970s-Style Worry – Paul La Monica
Yes, Supply Problems Can Cause Inflation – Alex Salter
Inflationary Pressure Is Worse Than They Say – David Stockman
El precio del oro sube, mientras dólar cae – Reuters
Demand For American Gold Eagles Explodes – SchiffGold
Empower Tens of Millions of Stockholders In One Fell Swoop – Steve Forbes
The Feds & ‘Woke’ Corporations Partner to Evade Accountability – Allison Ball
Biden’s Energy Cabal Is Making the World Suffer – Richard W. Rahn
Frédéric Bastiat’s Fruitful, & Very Prosperous Fusionism – Nathan Smith
Eurozone producer prices hit record as inflation spreads beyond energy – FT
OPEC+ Agrees on Bigger Oil-Production Hikes for Coming Months – Bloomberg
Opec agrees to accelerate oil production following US pressure – Financial Times
Ukraine Hikes Rate to 25%, Resuming Policy After Invasion – Bloomberg
Alemania: Sanciones acabarán con la economía de Rusia – Bloomberg
How Russia could try to get around the European Union’s oil sanctions – CNBC
‘Everything is gone’: Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions – Financial Times
Russia Fails to Meet Bond Obligations, Triggering Swaps Payout – Bloomberg
Euro-Zone Inflation Is Diverging by an Unprecedented Amount – Bloomberg
European Stocks Advance, Led by Consumer, Auto Shares; Oil Drops – Bloomberg
Liz Ann Sonders: Bear market rallies are the new norm ‘for now’ – Yahoo Finance
Jamie Dimon, CEO de JPMorgan: “Se aproxima un huracán” – El Economista
Jamie Dimon says brace for U.S. economic ‘hurricane’ due to inflation – Reuters
GameStop sales climb along with shares even as loss widens – Fox Business
Why Earnings Season Couldn’t Save the Stock Market This Time – Barron’s
Dow falls for a third day after Microsoft issues weak outlook – CNBC
Crypto’s Value Comes From Crypto’s Volatility – Tylew Cowen

Wealth Management

I Suck at Trading Stocks – Jared Dillian
Just Say No To Emerging Market Bonds – Jay Newman
Los cazadores del value – Laurent Van Tuyckom, DPAM
Are We Headed for Recession or Not? – Real Vision Finance
Gold Could Increase To $3,000-$3,500 In A Short Period Of Time – SomaBull
¿Cómo Warren Buffett espera aprovechar el momento del value? – Cobas AM
Oaktree’s Howard Marks Sees Return of Value as Markets Correct – Bloomberg
From Best to Worst: ‘Manager of the Century’ Falls Into Disgrace! – Mark Skousen
Patricia Franco es nueva directora de planificación patrimonial de Creand WM – Funds People
Pasarle el marrón al BCE de controlar la inflación podría llevar a Europa a la recesión – Víctor Alvargonzález