Jueves, 25 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Reservas en divisas caen a mínimos de 2006 – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: Arce cae en aprobación y 11% cree que hay democracia – ANF
Bolivia registra la deuda externa más alta de su historia económica – El Deber
Bolivia: Gobierno repondrá gastos covid con el crédito CAF – El Deber
Bolivia: Montenegro justifica crédito de CAF con inversión pública – El Deber
Perú: Pedro Castillo nombra a un nuevo ministro cada 6 días – Bloomberg
Colombia: Preocupa alto riesgo de refinanciación de Ecopetrol – Moody’s
Brasil: Reelección de Bolsonaro dependerá de su moderación – Bloomberg
México: Modesto crecimiento trimestral no alcanza expectativas – Bloomberg
México: La independencia monetaria de Banxico – Manuel Sánchez González
EEUU: Revisión muestra leve contracción económica segundo trimestre – Reuters
‘More work to do’ on rate hikes: Kansas City Fed’s George – Yahoo Finance
Jackson Hole a ‘Huge’ Challenge for Fed’s Powell – Mohamed A. El-Erian
Big Tech Drives Stock Gains Before Jackson Hole – Bloomberg
Why Will Inflation Remain So High For So Long? – William J. Luther
What Happened to Reducing Inflation? – Michael Graham
What’s Worse Than Inflation? Depression + Inflation – Charles Hugh Smith
Key US Growth Measures Diverge, Complicating Recession Debate – Bloomberg
Missing Words In Polling Data about ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ – Michael Graham
Life Is Good in America, Even by European Standards – Tyler Cowen
Central banks have to let people know what is happening – Agustín Carstens
Gold Rises as Dollar Drops Ahead of US Data, Powell’s Speech – Bloomberg
Oil Holds Gains With Signs Pointing to Tightening Global Market – Bloomberg
US Shale Could Erase Debt by 2024, Freeing Up Cash for Gas Pivot – Bloomberg
German GDP Expected to Decline 0.5% in Third Quarter – Bloomberg
España, la peor recuperación, más inflación y mayor endeudamiento – Daniel Lacalle
Some ECB Officials Favored Smaller Interest-Rate Hike in July – Bloomberg
ECB accounts show overwhelming inflation concerns – Reuters
Hedge funds build biggest bet against Italian debt since 2008 – Financial Times
UBS: eurozona ya está en recesión debido a presión energética – Bloomberg
China Starts Stealth Fightback Against Powell’s Strong Dollar – Bloomberg
Global Bond Inflows to Emerging Asia Signal Shift in Outlook – Bloomberg
Pimco Says Chinese Bonds Look Expensive, Yuan Can Keep Falling – Bloomberg
Jared Kushner and the Mysterious 1st Lockdown – Jeffrey Tucker
Good Riddance to Anthony Fauci and His Costly Career – John Tierney
How Government Hurts Poor People – Dan Mitchell
Still Overheating? – Scott Sumner
Biden’s Debt-Cancellation Plan Is Even Worse Than Expected – Neal McCluskey
Nvidia: Cathie Wood Quickly Reverses Course – Bill Maurer

Wealth Management

Big Beliefs – Morgan Housel
People Are Still Bearish – Jared Dillian
Carta Trimestral: Segundo Trimestre 2022 – Bestinver
Is Tesla’s Stock Split Good For Investors? – Kennan Mell
Oil Markets Await New OPEC+ Agreement – Ellen R. Wald
The Intersection of Psychology and Finance – Sarah Newcomb
Always Remember Stocks Are Forward Looking – Market Minder
No, This Doesn’t Mean We’re In Recession – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Have We Seen the Bottom? – Michael Howell and Ash Bennington
Talking All Things Value Investing with Tobias Carlisle – Excess Returns
Investors pivot from value stocks as recession fears ‘haunt’ markets – Financial Times
Mercados frontera: ¿la nueva clave para diversificar las inversiones? – Dragon Capital
Overbought Natural Gas Held Up By Big Funds Defying Bearish Signs – Barani Krishnan