Lunes, 22 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: El 90% de los bolivianos tiene empleos informales – Bloomberg
Mercados de América Latina extienden pérdidas por efecto Fed – Reuters
Venezuela vende cinco paraísos fiscales para atraer a los ricos – Malagón
Colombia: Dimensiones Alternativas – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Colombia: Proyecto ley subiría en 200% impuestos a los ricos – Bloomberg
La ley confiscatoria de Petro deja a Colombia arrodillada – Daniel Raisbeck
Colombia Taxes to Soar 200% for the Rich in new Bill – Bloomberg
Colombia: Los bancos bajo el estrés del ‘Efecto Uber’ – La República
Chile: Empresas aceleran financiamiento antes del referendo – Bloomberg
Global stocks drop on recession and central bank rate-rise worries – FT
Federal Reserve still unsure on where inflation will settle: Panel – Fox Business
Recession Is Already Here for Many – Barron’s
U.S. has the potential to avoid a significant economic downturn – El-Erian
Wall Street Bears Take Revenge After a $7 Trillion Rally – Bloomberg
Memo to Bed Bath & Beyond investors: Ryan Cohen is not your savior – YF
Fed Jackson Hole: What to expect from Chair Powell’s speech – Yahoo Finance
Estrategas JPMorgan ven última gran alza de Fed en septiembre – Bloomberg
JPM strategists see Fed’s last big rate hike in september – Bloomberg
US Oil Pours Into Asia as Buyers Go for Long-Range Flows – Bloomberg
Natural gas prices surge to 14-year high; oil slides – MarketWatch
Gold at Three-Week Low as Fed Officials Reiterate Hawkishness – Bloomberg
Housing market sees most severe drop in nearly 2 decades – Fox Business
Despite What You’ve Been Told, Banks Do Not ‘Create Money’ – John Tamny
‘Woke’ Mouse Trap, As Daniel Loeb Targets Disney – Charles Gasparino
Art Laffer says IRS won’t target the rich: ‘They have a lot of influence’ – NYP
The Serious Way to Tame Bureaucracy Is to Get Rid of It – Jeffrey Tucker
Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset, Inflation & Covid – Quoth The Raven
Competition Protects Consumers, Not Government Protection – Rachel Chiu
Existing Home Sales: Falling Sales, Rising Inventory – Richard Moody
Making Sense of the Housing Market – Arpit Gupta & Allison Schrager
What Russia’s War Means for U.S. Exports – Tim Quinlan & Shannon Seery
Is College Worth It? – Jeff Deist
Alemania: La recesión es cada vez más probable: Bundesbank – Reuters
Citi Issues Apocalyptic Warning About UK Inflation – Zero Hedge
Citi projects UK inflation to breach 18% in January – CNBC
Citi prevé una inflación del 18,6% para Reino Unido – El Economista
Europe Slips Toward Recession as ECB Mulls Steps Ahead – Bloomberg
The Euro Hit Parity With the Dollar Again. It Might Last – Barron’s
ECB mulls another big hike. Schnabel: inflation outlook hasn’t improved – Reuters
China rebaja el tipo de interés hipotecario más de lo previsto – El Economista
China Seeks to Stabilize Property Crisis as PBOC Urges Lending – Bloomberg
China trims lending rates again, one week after surprise cuts in key rates – CNBC

Wealth Management

The End of Rate Hikes? – Jeffrey Kleintop
Five Lessons from History – Morgan Housel
Same As It Ever Was – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Early investors in Texas oilfields strike lucky – Financial Times
¿Qué ha pasado este verano en Wall Street? – Michael Gabelli
Iran Holds Oil By The Jugular; Gold Awaits Powell – Barani Krishnan
Money Is Not Wealth, Nor Is Wealth Natural Resources – Manuel Tacanho
An Autumn Of Epic Asset Collapses & Higher Inflation – Egon Von Greyerz
Eight Ways to See America’s Volatile, Mixed Economic Data – Fisher Investments
Cómo identificar las trampas que nos hace cometer errores de inversión – TDND