Lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Chile: Las cosas en su lugar – Luis Larraín
Colombia: Petro en Nueva York – Alberto Bernal-León
Una sola bolsa para Colombia, Perú y Chile – El Espactador
Bolivia: Hay poca rentabilidad y mucho riesgo – Trettenero, Felaban
Bolivia: ASFI rechaza evaluación Felaban: “sistema es solvente” – El Deber
Argentina: FMI da visto bueno sin cumplir meta de reservas – Bloomberg
El Salvador: Calificación crediticia es la peor en Centroamérica – ElSalvador
Stock futures fall as Wall Street braces for Fed meeting – Yahoo Finance
All eyes on the Fed: What to watch this week – Yahoo Finance
World Bank warns globe may be heading for 2023 recession – CNBC
Mercado espera que Fed lleve tasas al 4% hasta 2023 – El Economista
Semana decisiva para bancos centrales: ¿qué decisiones se esperan? – EI
Fed rate hike decision and housing data due out next week – Yahoo Finance
Forget a Fed Pivot. Interest Rates Will Stay High – Barron’s
Turbulence in Nigeria dollar market hits airlines and investors – Financial Times
Deflation, Depression, & Trader Of The Year Awards – Peter Tchir
The Fed’s “Full Employment” Mandate Is a Mandate for Inflation – Ryan McMaken
Oil Drops as Looming Interest Rate Rises Spur Growth Concerns – Bloomberg
Bitcoin drops 5% to its lowest level in 3 months – CNBC
More earnings disasters like FedEx may be lurking – Yahoo Finance
The Federal Reserve Doesn’t Threaten Washington ‘Solvency’ – John Tamny
States Are Enacting The Flat Tax, Why Not Washington? – Steve Forbes
Don’t Blame American Workers For Today’s Higher Inflation – Steve Kamin
State funeral for Queen Elizabeth II ushers in the end of an era – CNBC
Goldman Sachs: Bolsas se desplomarán un 30% desde máximos – Bolsamanía
El plan energético de Europa ahonda la crisis – Daniel Lacalle
Germany’s (and Europe’s) Self-Inflicted Upcoming Energy Crunch – Weimin Chen
Alemania firmará contratos de GNL en EAU – Reuters
US 10-Year Yield Rises to 3.5% for First Time Since 2011 – Bloomberg
JPM’s Stubbs Says US 10-Year a Buy at 3.5% Yield – Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley Quant Sees Capitulation Risk Rising for Equities – Bloomberg
Citi: Even State-Backed China Developers at Risk of Surging Default – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs Says China Stocks May Miss Party Congress Boost
– Bloomberg
China’s economy may have done well in August but outlook remains grim – CNBC
China central bank cuts 14-day reverse repo rate, steps up cash injections – CNBC

Wealth Management

What Changed? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
The Fed’s “Time of Testing” – Mark Higgins
Cartera Primer Semestre 2022 – Buy & Hold
Menor crecimiento en el cuarto trimestre – Andbank
Invertir en bancos con Nacho Sanz – Value Investing FM
What The End Of The Fed Put Actually Means – Tom Luongo
¿Resurgirá el retorno absoluto? – Andy Cawker, BNY Mellon IM
Buy I Bonds Now at 9.6%. A New Rate Is Coming – Andrew Bary
How to Survive the Next Market Crash – The Wall Street Journal
Bonds’ Bear Market Doesn’t Negate Their Purpose – Market Minder
Our Inflation Nightmare Will Flatline in 6 Months – Thompson Clark
There’s Better Way To Invest Than Relying On Forecasts – Eric Nelson
Una cifra de inflación caliente asusta a los inversores – Charles Castillo
El rally del verano ya es un recuerdo lejano – Cecilia Sánchez, Pictet AM
Why Inflation Matters More To Stocks Than Interest Rates – Ben Carlson
¿Las commodities son siempre un buen hedge contra la inflación? – OMMA
¿Ganar a la inflación? Preservar el capital pasa a ser la prioridad – Bolsamanía