Martes, 27 de septiembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Chile, gran país exportador – Tomás Flores
Lula versus Bolsonaro en Brasil – Matheus Pacini, Podcast El Cato
Brasil: Inflación se mantiene a la baja a mediados de septiembre – Reuters
Colombia: Tributaria de Petro tampoco le gusta a su gabinete – Bloomberg
Argentina: No faltan dólares por Qatar sino por el populismo – R. Cachanosky
Argentina: YPF, provincias lucen más atractivas frente soberanos – Bloomberg
Investors Dodge Argentina Bond Pain by Buying Up YPF, Provinces
– Bloomberg
Bolivia pasa de exportador a país de tránsito por declive de gas – Los tiempos
Bolivia: Gobierno racionaliza uso de gas natural y Cainco advierte – Página Siete
México: Un país a la deriva – Enrique Quintana
BID confirma destitución de Claver-Carone tras escándalo – Bloomberg
OMC: Economía mundial se dirige hacia la recesión – El Financiero
Stocks Bounce Back After Dow Enters Bear Market – Barron’s
Stocks bounce back after S&P 500 slides to 2022 low – Yahoo Finance
Growth stocks lead bounce on Wall Street after brutal selloff – Reuters
3 charts showing that we’re not repeating the housing bubble – Yahoo Finance
Home price growth slowed by record amount in July – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s Evans sees rates jumping, but no recession – Reuters
Evans, de la Fed, ve las tasas entre el 4,25 y el 4,5% a finales de año
– Reuters
Genuine Recovery Is Up to Investors, Producers, and Consumer Choice – J. Anthony
Government Is Spending Trillions, Losing Trillions – Paul Kupiec & Alex Pollock
Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Reduce Inflation – Anne Rathbone Bradley
Without Oil, There Would Be No Oil-Hating Billionaires – John Tamny
Oil Climbs From Lowest Since January With Dollar’s Rally Paused
– Bloomberg
Obama’s Forgotten Child Hunger Debacle – James Bovard
¿Cuándo cambió Trump de opinión sobre los cierres? – Jeffrey A. Tucker
España: Sánchez y la inmoralidad tributaria – Daniel Lacalle
Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Reminds Us We Dismiss Truth at Our Peril – Rob Smith
Italia: Perspectivas ante la victoria de Meloni – Mauricio Ríos García
Meloni arrasa, pero pide ayuda a Draghi para sus Presupuestos – El Economista
UK Growth Plan Doesn’t Spell Default, Pound Crisis – Market Minder
UK lenders halt mortgage deals to customers after market chaos – CNBC
Worst Bond Rout in Decades Intensifies With UK Losing 27%
– Bloomberg
Larry Summers blasts UK tax cuts as ‘utterly irresponsible’ – CNBC
Crispin Odey and other hedge fund managers profit from sterling tumble – FT
‘Nuevo Soros’ gana 145% de rentabilidad contra deuda pública británica – Bolsamanía
BOE’s Chief Economist: UK Fiscal News Needs Significant Policy Response
– Bloomberg
Denmark, Germany and Poland warn of sabotage after Nord Stream leaks – FT
A Ponzi By Any Other Name: China’s Property Bubble – Martin Farrer
China growth to fall behind rest of Asia for first time since 1990 – Financial Times
Gundlach Starts Buying After Worst US Treasury Rout in Decades
– Bloomberg
Cathie Wood Launches Venture Fund Targeting Harder-to-Trade Assets
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

UK: Mini budget, maxi risks – Pictet WM
Interest rate blues – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
On the UK’s Controversial ‘Growth Plan’ – Fisher Investments
Why Bonds Make Real Sense For Your Portfolio – Scott Ward
Invest Easier By More Rationally Defining Money – Seth Levine
Even in a Recession, Divergent Stocks Will Prosper – Luke Lango
Earnings: Trampled Under Foot? – Liz Ann Sonders & Kevin Gordon
¿Dudan los mercados de la economía del Reino Unido? – Funds Society
Why 2022 Has Been Such a Terrible Year for Bond Funds – Katherine Lynch
¿Es el value dónde hay que invertir en caso de alta inflación? – Morningstar
They Come for Puerto Rico’s Low Taxes. Then They Leave – Natasha Noman
The World Is Ending – Somebody Tell Apple Stock – Cestrian Capital Research
Gold Prices Are Down 20% Since March. Its Decline Is Curious – Julia Horowitz
The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Oaktree’s Quarterly Letters 3Q2022 – Oaktree