Viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Más deudas – Humberto Vacaflor
Bolivia: Deuda interna supera deuda externa luego de 9 años – Página Siete
Bolivia: Proyecto ley busca crédito del BCB por Bs 3.000 MM para Economía – P7
Brasil: Caen esperanzas de victoria de Lula en primera vuelta – DataFolha
Brasil: Sector industrial vuelve a crecer de cara a elecciones – Bloomberg
Argentina: Llegó el momento de tomar decisiones difíciles – Manuel Adorni
Argentina’s Kirchner Supporters Gather After Failed Assassination Attempt – Bloomberg
Ecuador cerrará con la inflación más baja de la región, según Citi – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Decadencia sostenida – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
Stocks tumble into the close ahead of holiday weekend – Yahoo Finance
Volcker and the Great Inflation: Reflections for 2022 – Alex Pollock
Wall Street Is in Denial Over the Economy – Gary Shilling
Wall Street está en negación ante economía ‘real’ – Gary Shilling
Prepárese para un final épico – Jeremy Grantham
La intención del Fed de corregir sus errores – Manuel Sánchez González
Unemployment Rate Jumps and Job Gains Slow in August – Robert Hughes
A Better Strategy Than Handouts to Reduce Student Loan Debt – Stephen Moore
School Is All About the Wasting of Time and Money – Bryan Caplan
It’s Not Just the Japanese Who Can’t Afford to Wait for the Truth – Jeff Snider
Brace for ‘Recession Shock’ as Outflows Rock Equities, BofA Says – Bloomberg
Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction’: Old Time ‘Global Warming’ Religion – David Simon
Hypocrite of the Year – Dan Mitchell
Life Expectancy Is Latest Indictment of Covidiots – Jeffrey Tucker
EEUU: Rendimientos bonos caen desde máximos tras informe de empleo – Reuters
Global Bonds Tumble Into Their First Bear Market in a Generation – Bloomberg
Oil Posts Weekly Loss as Global Energy Demand Outlook Darkens – Bloomberg
What to Watch as Commodities Markets Brace for Hits to Supply – Bloomberg
Swiss Franc No Longer a Sure Bet as ECB Contemplates Jumbo Hike – Bloomberg
US Stock Market Has Yet to Find a Bottom, Bank of America’s Subramanian Says – Bloomberg
Pánico en la renta fija: los bancos centrales provocan ya pérdidas del 20% – El Economista

Wealth Management

Una bofetada de realidad – Funds Society
Recession or Not, There Will Be Pain – Sandy Ward
Silver Scarcity Gets More Extreme – Monetary Metals
The Moment of Truth for Markets – Alfonso Peccatiello
No electricity, no money, little food – result misery – Egon von Greyerz
Fed should raise another 100 basis points by the end of the year – Jeremy Siegel
This new Renaissance can fuel human prosperity for decades to come – Simon Black
How much more pain is the Fed about to inflict? Brace for $16k Bitcoin – Alfonso Peccatiello