Viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Llegó la crisis – Humberto Vacaflor
Bolivia: Sequía: racionan agua en occidente y atrasan siembras – El Deber
Bolivia: Reservas del BCB bajan y divisas sólo llegan a $863 millones – El Diario
Chile registra mayor contracción desde inicio de la pandemia
– Bloomberg
Chile: ¿Se modera el gobierno de Boric? – Luis Larraín
Chile: Déficit en cuenta corriente se dispara al 9,9% del PIB – Diario Financiero
Brasil: Lula desestima preocupaciones fiscales de inversores – Bloomberg
Brasil: Banco Central posterga a 2023 requisitos de capital para fintechs – Reuters
Brazilian Markets Sink as Lula Dismisses Investors’ Fiscal Concerns – Bloomberg
Fear That Lula Might Reignite Inflation Is Hurting Brazilian Assets
– Bloomberg
Ecuador: Presupuesto sin rumbo – Gabriela Calderón
Colombia: Descoordinación de mensajes con Petro preocupa a Moody’s – Bloomberg
Colombia: El petróleo, los impuestos, ahora las pensiones – La República
Stock futures rise but head toward weekly losses – Yahoo Finance
Tesla recalls 30,000 Model X cars over airbag issue – Reuters
Elon Musk May Not Be Afraid Of FTC, But He Should Be – Asha Rangappa
Stock Market Bulls Return as Fed Messages Digested
– Bloomberg
BofA Sees Bear Rally Fizzling Out Even as Equity Inflows Surge
– Bloomberg
Housing Market Outlook Darkens as Mortgage Rates Rise – Robert Hughes 
So Much Trouble For So Little Positive Yield at Fed – Jeffrey Snider
Wall Street Economists Split on Whether Fed Cuts Rates in 2023
– Bloomberg
Oil Sinks as Ominous Demand Signals Gather on Multiple Fronts
– Bloomberg
What Does Governor DeSantis Stand For? – Veronique de Rugy
Income, Corporate, Cap Gains Taxes Harm General Welfare – Donald Boudreaux
Lagarde: Podría ser necesario elevar tasas a nivel restrictivo – Bloomberg
Lagarde: El BCE podría restringir el crecimiento para frenar la inflación – Reuters
España: Ayuso aprueba 60 rebajas fiscales, Sánchez aumenta 54 – Libre Mercado
Europeans have a ‘lower than average work ethic’. That’s why eurozone is declining – Ray Dalio
Who’s Who in the FTX Collapse: From Sam Bankman-Fried to Caroline Ellison
Sam Bankman-Fried Tries To Explain Himself As He’s Explained – Kelsey Piper
Will the Dems Return Bankrupt FTX Money To Investors? – Issues & Insights
ARK Invest: FTX collapse ‘could delay institutional crypto adoption by years’ – Yahoo
FTX Latest: Liquidators Say Firm’s Bankruptcy Is Unauthorized
– Bloomberg
FTX Exposes Woke Capitalism As A Scam – Michael Shellenberger
Capitalism’s Cure for Economic Sins – Richard Morrison 
Billions Of FTX Assets In Limbo As Exchange Follows Voyager Into Bankruptcy – Forbes
Ripple is seeking a license in Ireland to drive EU expansion – CNBC
Meta Shows Why He’s Mark Zuckerberg, & You’re Not – John Tamny
German TV Crudely Compares Musk to Goebbels – Robert Kogon
China’s Money Markets Ease as PBOC Acts to Avoid Liquidity Shock
– Bloomberg
China Developers Finally Get Liquidity But Where’s the Demand
– Bloomberg
Japón: Inflación alcanza máximos de 40 años, aumentan costos de importación – Reuters

Wealth Management

El momento de la gestión alternativa – Fernando Luque
Why the Investing Pros Were Such Suckers for FTX – WSJ
Warren Buffett Makes All His Money From Just 11 Stocks – IBD
What the Smart Money Is Buying For the New Bull Market – Luke Lango
Without Easy Money, the Tech Sector Faces Hard Times – Ryan McMaken
Billionaire Steve Cohen Goes Big on These 2 “Strong Buy” Stocks – TipRanks
Oaktree’s Marks Sees ‘Great Bargains’ Coming as Recession Looms
– Bloomberg
The U.S. Treasury Yield-Curve Recession Indicator Is Flashing Red – Tom Lauricella
Are Chinese Stocks Now ‘Uninvestable’? Value Investors Weigh In – New Money
Señales de parón en la renta variable europea tras rally del 19% en mes y medio – Cinco Días