Viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Goldman estima que crecimiento latinoamericano caerá en 2023 – Bloomberg
Bolivia: exportación de gas caerá un 76% el año 2032 – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: PGE 2023 asigna al Gobierno central 85% de los recursos – Página Siete
Brasil: China debilitó al gobierno de Bolsonaro previo a las elecciones – J. Humire
México: Barcos y autos lideran exportaciones a EEUU – Bloomberg
Colombia Court Annuls Carrasquilla’s Naming to Central Bank
– Bloomberg
Chile: Reforma tributaria, negativo cambio en evasión y elusión – LyD
History shows holiday trading favors the bulls – Yahoo Finance
More Americans plan to rely on store credit cards – Yahoo Money
JPMorgan: La recesión de 2023 “será un huracán de categoría 1” – Libre Mercado
Black Friday No Econ Barometer – Market Minder
S&P 500 inches higher as Black Friday sales kick off – Reuters
It’s Clear That QE Was a Colossal Policy Mistake – Allison Schrager
Fed: Smaller Rate Hikes Ahead, Little Signs of Inflation Relief — DiMartino Booth
The US Shale Boom Is Officially Over – Tsvetana Paraskova
Binance’s crypto recovery fund grows to $2 billion – Yahoo Finance
In the Wake of FTX, People Looking for Self-Hosted Wallets – Nicholas Anthony
Crypto Crisis Shrinks ETF Assets in Market That Embraced Them
– Bloomberg
Binance, other crypto firms bid for bankrupt Voyager Digital after FTX – CNBC
Who is Caroline Ellison and how did she end up at center of FTX collapse? – FB
Cathie Wood says this crypto crash is a massive opportunity – MoneyWise
Euro zone bailout fund to get new head from Luxembourg – Reuters
Alemania: La curva de tipos registra su mayor inversión en 30 años – EI
China Investors Look for Turning Point After $370 Billion Rally
– Bloomberg
China frees up $70 billion for banks to underpin slowing economy – CNBC
Tragedy of the Commons Nearly Starved the Pilgrims – John Stossel

Wealth Management

La decepción cripto – Pedro Pablo Valero
Some Thoughts on Investing – Collaborative Holdings
Why Won’t Energy Companies Drill? – Goehring & Rozencwajg
The short run is by far the least important thing – Howard Marks
Why Cathie Wood Thinks Bitcoin Can Reach $1 Million – William White
Billionaire David Rubenstein Reveals Key Insights from Top Investors – Mauldin Economics