Jueves, 5 de enero de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Naufragio – Manuel Sánchez González
Argentina: Una crónica de 92 años de cepos cambiarios – Bloomberg
Perú: Legislador pide captura de Evo Morales por promover separatismo – Los Tiempos
Perú: Movilizaciones, bloqueos de carreteras y protestas en regiones – El Comercio
Bolivia: EEUU condena a siete años de prisión a Arturo Murillo – Página Siete
Bolivia: El PGE 2023: una mirada desde los hidrocarburos – Mauricio Medinaceli
Colombia: IPC supera pronósticos, presiona a banco central – Bloomberg
Why investors should stop fixating on Apple and Tesla stock – Yahoo Finance
Hoping for a Stock Market Rally? Big Tech May Get in the Way
– Barron’s
Stock futures wobble ahead of economic data – Yahoo Finance
The Fast Track To Fiscal Ruin – Romina Boccia
Manufacturing-Sector Contracts Again in December – Robert Hughes
Fed officials see higher rates for ‘some time’ ahead – CNBC
2023: You Wanted Endless Stimulus, You Got Stagflation – Daniel Lacalle
US inflation has not ‘turned the corner yet’, top IMF official warns – Financial Times
Fed wants ‘more evidence’ of easing inflation and backs fresh rate rises – FT
Fed afirma determinación respecto a reducir inflación
– Bloomberg
To Stop Inflation, the Fed Must Lift Rates Higher – Veronique de Rugy
Markets Are Wrong on Fed Rate Hikes, Morgan Stanley’s Caron Says
– Bloomberg
Why Republicans Won’t Tank the Economy to Stick It to Biden – Aden Barton
El BCE avisa a gobiernos: acaba el almuerzo gratis, toca hacer ajustes – El Economista
2022 Is When Politician’s Pet Economic Theories Went Bust – J.D. Tuccille
What We’ve Learned Since Moving From New York To FL – Karol Markowicz
Silvergate raced to cover $8B after FTX wreck – Reuters
3 Oil Stocks Set To Outperform In 2023
– OilPrice
Oil Prices Fall on Concerns the Global Economy Is Weakening
– Barron’s
El oro cae por la cautela antes de los datos de empleo en EEUU
– Reuters
Gold’s Rally May Last. Economic Uncertainty Is Great for the Price
– Barron’s
Amazon says it will cut over 18,000 jobs, more than initially planned – CNBC
Tencent’s Return to Top 10 Club Shows China Rebound Bets Soaring
– Bloomberg
China abrirá el domingo la frontera con Hong Kong por primera vez en 3 años
– Reuters
Economic Reality Is Far Too Complex to Be Improved By Trade Restrictions – Don Boudreaux
EU recommends that travelers from China be required to take a Covid test before entering Europe – CNBC

Wealth Management

Some Observations As We Start 2023 – Barry Ritholtz
Curiosidades sobre bonos emergentes – Morningstar
The World In 2023: What Is Priced In? – Dario Perkins
How the Largest Bond Funds Did in 2022 – Morningstar
Is Employment Really A Lagging Indicator? – Scott Sumner
Los temas más relevantes para los inversores – Schroders
¿El sentimiento bajista sobre Wall Street podría ser una señal alcista?
– EI
Renta fija: Los mercados se mueven con rapidez, mejor adelantarse – UBS
The Good News for Investors In the Bad Manufacturing Data – Market Minder
Bonds Are Back. Here Are the Income-Generating Funds to Buy Now
– Barron’s
This is how to survive ‘a lot of pain’ ahead, reveals ‘cheapest’ assets – Jim Rogers
Negative-yielding debt wiped out by Japan central bank’s policy shift – Financial Times