Martes, 31 de enero de 2023

Economía Internacional

Chile: Descongelar precios: ¿cuánto más hay que esperar? – Esteban Ávila
Colombia: Colapso petrolero, programado – Brigitte Baptiste
Argentina: Gobierno concretó un pago al FMI por casi $700 millones – Télam
Argentina: Qué economía le dejará el kirchnerismo al próximo gobierno – R. Cachanosky
México: Economía se expande por quinto trimestre – Bloomberg
Stock futures edge down, tech slumps amid earnings – Yahoo Finance
GM stock pops after Q4 sales, profits top expectations – Yahoo Finance
3 expert observations about January 2023’s spirited stock market move – Yahoo Finance
FMI eleva PIB global por primera vez en un año y ve cambio en inflación – El Economista
IMF Eyes ‘Turning Point’ for World Economy as Growth Bottoms – Bloomberg
Why tech stocks hate higher interest rates – Yahoo Finance
FOMC: A Pause In March Is Now the Focus – Steven Englander
“Inflation Reduction Act” Will Impoverish The West – Dan Hannan
The Federal Reserve Is Nowhere Near Victory – Peter Schiff
Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve – George Ford Smith
The World’s Next Big Inflation Surprise Is Looming In China – Bloomberg
How Fast Should the Money Supply Grow? – Stephen Apolito
Money Supply ‘Falling Like a Stone’: Steve Hanke – CoinDesk
How We Have Become a Nation of Gamblers – Joseph Calhoun
How William Barr’s Attack On ‘Big Tech’ Embodies Self-Unaware – John Tamny
How Did U.S. Let Google Get So Powerful In the First Place? – Lizzie O’Leary
Exxon Falls After Holding Line on Buybacks Amid Record Profit – Bloomberg
Exxon smashes Western oil majors’ earnings record with $56 billion profit for 2022
– Reuters
We’re Entering a Major Crisis; CBDCs Coming in 2023, Serfdom is Upon Us – Doug Casey
Black Swan Fund Manager Sees ‘Tinderbox-Timebomb’ in Financial Markets
– Bloomberg
El fondo del cisne negro advierte “polvorín” de deuda mayor que el de 1929 – El Economista
Top Bond Fund Bets Markets Are Wrong on Rates, Again
– Bloomberg
Eurozone avoids recession as economy expands in fourth quarter – Financial Times
La Eurozona aleja la recesión: el PIB avanzó un 0,1% a final de 2022 – El Economista
La eurozona evita la recesión en el cuarto trimestre y el PIB crece un 3,5% – Bolsamanía
IMF downgrades UK growth forecast, predicting only economic decline among G-7 – CNBC
España: Hasta el PIB manipulado muestra la caída de los hogares – Carlos Cuesta
Switzerland Weighs Break With Centuries-Old Policy Of Neutrality – Zero Hedge
German Industry To Pay 40% More For Energy Than Pre-Crisis – Zero Hedge
El ‘bund’ se come al bono de EEUU sin el riesgo divisa – El Economista
How arming Ukraine is stretching the US defence industry – Financial Times
France open to sending fighter jets to Ukraine – Financial Times

Wealth Management

A Puzzling Inheritance – Ben Ansell
What Do Bull Markets Look Like? – J.C. Parets
El repunte de 2023 continúa – Charles Castillo
John Bogle, el padre de la indexación – Value School
El peligro de apostar por bajadas de tipos – Daniel Lacalle
Central banks back in focus – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
¿Por qué Europa bate a Estados Unidos? – Jocelyn Jovène
No Silver Bullet Solutions to the Werewolf Crisis – Lars Doucet
Lord Give Me Free Markets But Not Yet – Robin Wigglesworth
Stocks Rise Because The Dividend Outlook Improves – Ironman
You’re So Vain — You’re Probably Betting On a Recession – Ken Fisher
Will ‘Billionaire Tax’ Be Death For CA’s Troubled Economy? – Issues & Insights
Las golden visa caen en picado tras el veto a los millonarios rusos – El Economista
Gold will break $2,100 record in 2023 when faith in Fed is lost – VRIC Kitco Gold Panel
Bond investors brace for recession as Fed expected to slow pace of tightening – Reuters
Howard Marks: «The Most Important Question Is Whether We’re Going to Have Stagflation» – Christoph Gisiger