Miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Ejecución de la inversión pública llegó al 52,5% – Página Siete
Brazil to Hold Rates as Inflation Forecasts Soar – Bloomberg
Lula Squandered Rate Cut Chance, His Ex-Central Bank Chief Says
– Bloomberg
Argentina: Alarma por “bola de pesos” a partir de abril – Bloomberg
Chile: Imacec cae menos de lo esperado – Diario Financiero
Chile: Imacec de diciembre de 2022 cayó 1,0% respecto de diciembre 2021 – Pulso
Perú: Moody’s cambia calificación a negativa – América Economía
Perú: Apurímac y la Constitución del 93 – Iván Alonso
Perú: Precios al consumidor suben 0,23% en enero, debajo de previsiones – Bloomberg
México: Economía ‘le echa ganas’ y crece 3% en todo 2022 – El Financiero
Bonos de emergentes extenderían mejor inicio en 11 años
– Bloomberg
Stock futures mixed ahead of Fed decision – Yahoo Finance
Here’s everything the Fed is expected to do Wednesday – CNBC
AI Advances Enabled By Our Laissez-Faire System – Richard Rahn
The Stock Market Wants an Easy Fed. Powell Has Other Plans
– Barron’s
The End of Monetary Hedonism – Jeff Deist
End the Fed ‘put’ – Richard Bernstein
Central Banks Not Done Fighting What They Deem Inflation – Julia Horowitz
FOMC: A Pause In March Is Now the Focus – Steven Englander
Is the US Economy in Danger of Reheating? – Tyler Cowen
Gundlach Suspects Fed Will Push Back Against Pivot Narrative
– Bloomberg
El crudo opera estable a la espera de las decisiones de la Fed y la OPEP
– Reuters
El oro baja mientras los inversores se preparan para la decisión de la Fed
– Reuters
Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime – Ryan McMaken
Bitcoin closes out best January since 2013 – Yahoo Finance
ARK Invest Maintains Prediction That Bitcoin Prices Will hit $1M by 2030
– CoinDesk
Rising Inequality Is the Only Real Path Toward Cheaper Credit – John Tamny
Why ’23 Will Be Tough Funding for Entrepreneurs – Allison Schrager
In Rush to End Globalization, We’re Missing Critical Points – James Bacchus
“Stakeholder Capitalism” Is an Incoherent Term – Dan De La Vega
Meta Platforms Poised to Post Earnings Drop From Digital-Ad Woes
La inflación se suaviza en la eurozona: cae al 8,5% en enero – Bolsamanía
Eurozone inflation slows to 8.5% on back of lower energy costs – Financial Times
Eurozona: Actividad manufacturera: lo peor podría haber pasado -PMI – Reuters
Adani Stock Meltdown Hits $92 Billion as Collateral Worries Grow
– Bloomberg
Adani loses Asia’s richest crown as stock wipeout reaches $86 billion
– Reuters
Adani Stock, Bonds Meltdown As Credit Suisse Halts Margin Loans – Zero Hedge
‘Extreme leverage’? Adani’s debt-driven expansion under scrutiny – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Xiexie – Bill Miller
Everything You Can’t Have – Morgan Housel
Carta Trimestral 4T2022 – Azvalor Asset Management
What’s Up With The Down VIX? – Robin Wigglesworth
Gold Is Gaining Ground. Here’s How to Play It
– Barron’s
A Recession Would Be Good for These Stocks – Jared Dillian
What investors should know for tax season – Yahoo Finance
The Biggest Stock Market Bargain Of All – Quoth The Raven
This IS The Soft Landing. What Now? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Comentario Cuarto Trimestre 2022 – Cobas Asset Management
Se prevé una recesión leve – Jadwiga Kitovitz, Crèdit Andorrà AM
¿Un FMI y unos mercados sobreoptimistas? – Mauricio Ríos García
Household Finances Are Actually In Ok Condition – Market Minder
Favorable Environment for Value Continues – Miller Value Partners
Black Swan’s Taleb Warns ‘Disneyland’ Is Over for Investors – Bloomberg
How World’s Second-Richest Man Lost $68 Billion In a Week – Nitish Pahwa
Few Things Destroy an Investor’s Portfolio Like This – Phoenix Capital Research
Fed Is Right to Raise Rates, Be Prepared to Dodge Lagging ‘Full Punch’ – Rick Rule
Black Swan Author Taleb on Markets, Interest Rates, Bubbles, Investing – Bloomberg
S&P To Fall 20%+ Once Markets Stop Deluding Themselves About A ‘Soft Landing’ – Alf Peccatiello