Miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Milei va a entrar en segunda vuelta – Jaime Bayly
Bolivia: La economía creció en el 2022 un 3,48% – Página Siete
Bolivia registra aparentemente la más baja inflación con costo de $2.000 MM – El Diario
Argentina: BCRA volvió a financiar al Tesoro y agota el límite del FMI – Bloomberg
Brasil: Producción industrial sube un 1,1% en marzo, encima de previsiones
– Bloomberg
Latin America is beating the world at wasting opportunities – Michael Stott
U.S. inflation rose 4.9% in April from a year ago, less than expectations – CNBC
Fed tiene margen para mantener tasas en junio tras alentador IPC
– Bloomberg
La inflación cae por debajo del 5% en EEUU por primera vez en dos años – El Economista
US Inflation Shows Signs of Moderating, Giving Fed Room to Pause – Bloomberg
Inflation Drops for 10th Month Despite Gain in Gas Prices – Barron’s
Governmental Actions, Subsequent Economic Drag – Richard Rahn
Is There an Optimum Growth Rate of Money? – Frank Shostak
Why Federal Reserve Should Not Be Regulating Banks – Aaron Klein
What If Federal Reserve Raised Funds Rate to 36%? – John Tamny
No, the Constitution Doesn’t Allow Biden to Spend at Will – Rich Lowry
None Can Knowledgeably Say Whether EVs Will Shrink C02 – Mark Mills
Costo CDS EEUU eclipsa a los de Brasil, México ante fecha límite
– Bloomberg
Eurozona: el PIB de Alemania se estrella y España y Grecia despegan – El Economista
Cómo Rusia transformó la OPEP y el mapa mundial del petróleo – El Economista
The new ‘blood diamonds’: the elaborate plan to halt Russia’s trade – Financial Times
Bank of England set for 12th straight interest rate hike, but the outlook remains murky – CNBC

Wealth Management

Newsletter Mayo 2023 – Cobas AM
Protect Your Money with 5 Simple Investments – Jared Dillian
A pesar del repunte, la Bolsa sigue infravalorada – Dave Sekera
Lending Standards Did Not Rise Notably Post SVB – Market Minder
Why Did Investors Look Favorably at the Labor Report? – Jeff Remsburg
Diversification: How Many Stocks Do You Really Need? – Chris Satterthwaite
It’s That Time of Year—Avoid This Annual “Advice” and Act Now – Kelly Green
Mohamed El-Erian: Bank Failures Will Trigger More Regulation. Maybe Too Much – Barron’s