Miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: el Estado tomó control de jubilaciones que eran de AFP – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Fassil pidió auxilio de $73 MM al BCB antes de su intervención – LT
Chile: Todos los multifondos cierran abril con rentabilidad negativa – DF
Lula, Petro y los inversionistas latinoamericanos – Manuel Hinds
Fed expected to raise interest rates 0.25% — but then what? – Yahoo Finance
Federal Reserve poised to implement another quarter-point rate rise – Financial Times
The Fed Could Hike Rates a 10th Time. And Powell Won’t Rule Out No. 11 – Barron’s
Divide and Control: Central Bankers Blame the Victims – Peter St. Onge
Oil plunge deepens as concerns over economy drive selloff – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia Needs Pricier Oil to Balance Its Budget, IMF Says
– Bloomberg
Iran Seizes Second Oil Tanker In Arabian Gulf – Tsvetana Paraskova 
WTI Extends Losses After Biden Admin Drains SPR By Most Since December – ZH
Russia accuses Ukraine of Putin assassination attempt – Financial Times
Does GDP Present an Accurate Picture of the Economy? Not Likely – Frank Shostak
The Path to Full Stagflation – Peter C. Earle
Druckenmiller On America’s Debt Crisis: “It’s Like Watching A Horror Movie Unfold” – ZH
Will a Rising India Follow In China’s Economic Footsteps? – Guy Sorman
U.S. government destroying the dollar’s value through inflation – Richard Rahn

Wealth Management

¿Es China una amenaza al dólar? – Daniel Lacalle
Fin de ciclo: invertir en la nueva era – Schroders
Why Regional Banks Are in Trouble – Phoenix Capital Research
A Look “Under the Hood” of U.S. Equity Markets – Anthony Esposito
¿Ha terminado la Fed con su ciclo de subidas de tipos? – Funds Society
Why Investors Need to Guard Against the ‘Breakevenitus’ Ill – Ken Fisher
Resultados mixtos pero los mercados aún se mueven al alza – Charles Castillo
Bear Market To Return & Hit New Lows By Year End | Darius Dale – Wealthion
If Investors Almost Never Know, Why Would the Fed Ever Know? – John Tamny