Lunes, 12 de junio de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Alza de precios presiona consumo de hogares y demanda interna – El Deber
Chile: Banco Central pone una vara alta para recortar tasas de interés – Bloomberg
Colombia: Esto es lo que les espera a las reformas de Petro esta semana
– Valora
Argentina, con récord de fragilidad financiera y macroeconómica – Bloomberg
México: La escasa transmisión de la política monetaria – Manuel Sánchez González
‘Decade of Emerging Markets’ May Be About to Regain Traction – Bloomberg
Stock futures muted, oil lower with Fed and key data in focus – Yahoo Finance
Why the Fed’s rate decision will be a last-minute call – Yahoo Finance
Fed Will Keep Raising Rates—Even if It Skips a June Hike – Barron’s
Stocks Edge Higher Before Slew of Rate Decisions: Markets Wrap
– Bloomberg
The Fed’s waiting game: is the US economy finally starting to crack? – Financial Times
What Happened In 1971? It’s a Question Everyone Should Ask – John Tamny
Oro sube por debilidad del dólar; persisten esperanzas de pausa de la Fed
– Reuters
Commodity Prices Debunk the “Blame Ukraine” Excuse for Inflation – Daniel Lacalle
How Do We Get Back Lockdown Time Stolen From Us? – Issues & Insights
España: Lasquetty abandonará el Gobierno de Ayuso – Libre Mercado
España: Lasquetty volverá a la empresa privada tras dejar Gobierno de Ayuso – El Economista
España: 6 ‘contrarreformas económicas’ con las que el PP entrará en Moncloa – El Economista
BOJ’s Ueda Likely to Hold With Bond Market on His Side for Now
– Bloomberg
Nio Cuts Prices on All Electric Vehicles by $4,200 in China
– Bloomberg
Chinese tech groups suffer as foreign investors take flight – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Anticipating a Recession In Late 2023 – Matthew Luzzetti
Stock in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Soars to a High – Barron’s
Federal Reserve’s Self-Inflicted Hard Landing – Campbell Harvey
Fed Preview: Hike Me Maybe One More Time – Matthew Luzzetti
Qué es invertir en calidad y por qué tiene sentido – Santa Lucía AM
It Won’t Make Much Difference What the Fed Does – Richard Moody
5 Charts About the Super Concentrated Stock Market – Lauren Solberg
Some Of the Factors to Consider When Leaving An Inheritance – Becca Stanek
Those ‘New’ Bank Capital Rules? Really Old, Slow Moving News – Market Minder