Jueves, 31 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

Who is Javier Milei? – Jeff Deist, Daniel Lacalle
Javier Milei Is Not a Problem for Argentina. Socialism Is – Daniel Lacalle
Argentina: ¿Dolarización o bimonetarismo? – Miguel Ángel Arrigoni
Argentina: El costo fiscal de las medidas que anunció Massa – El Economista
Bank of China realiza la primera inversión directa en yuanes en Argentina – Reuters
Bolivia: Reservas de gas caen por falta de exploración e IED – Hugo del Granado
Bolivia: Importación de combustible supera en $354 MM a exportación de gas – ED
Venezuela Oil Bond Rallies 160% as Investors Eye Citgo Payout
– Bloomberg
Colombia: Precio de la gasolina volverá a subir en septiembre – Valora
Colombia: El Presidente dice una cosa y otra sus ministros – La República
Chile: La industria y el comercio vuelven a caer en julio – Diario Financiero
Chile: “Nos jodimos”: una década perdida – Cecilia Cifuentes
Nicaragua y China firman su tratado de libre comercio – EFE
México: Optimismo en Banxico, espera PIB del 3% en 2023 – El Economista
México: Paquete Económico 2024 no incluye nuevos impuestos: Hacienda – EF
US Stock Futures Rise; UBS Boosts Europe Equities
– Bloomberg
Dow futures rise amid more signs inflation is slowing – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s preferred inflation measure edges higher in July – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s Preferred Price Gauge Ticked Higher as Inflation Fight Gets Tougher – Barron’s
EEUU: Inflación PCE repunta a 3,3% y subyacente sube a 4,2% en julio – Bolsamanía
In Defense of Cash Grabs – Art Carden 
The Costly Late Arrival of FedNow – Nicolas Cachanosky
Farm Bill Will Show How Real They Are About Spending Cuts – Chris Edwards
After the Fitch Downgrade, Congress Must Stop – David Ditch
Amazon Chief Executive Jassy Is Right: Get Back To Work – R.R. Reno
‘The Great Resignation is over.’ And here’s why – Yahoo Finance
Why American Auto Workers Are On the Brink of Striking – Joel Mathis
$10 Trillion Stolen Right Under Our Noses – Mark Oshinskie
‘Never Going Back’: Governor Refuses to Implement COVID Mask Mandates – Jack Phillips
Injecting Realism Into Your AI Threat Assessments – Jim Brooks
BOE Chief Economist: Rates Must Stay ‘Sufficiently High’ for Some Time
– Bloomberg
Eurozona: Indicadores de inflación se mantienen sobre el 5% – Bloomberg
ECB kept Sept rate hike on the table at July meeting: accounts – Reuters
La inflación arrincona al BCE, pero el mercado compra pausa de tipos – El Economista
Eurozone core inflation edges down ahead of crunch ECB decision – Financial Times
Euro-Zone Inflation Gauges Hold Above 5% Before Key ECB Meeting
– Bloomberg
French Inflation Speeds Up With ECB Facing Rate-Hike Dilemma
– Bloomberg
UBS breaks industry record with $29bn profit after Credit Suisse takeover – FT
China’s Factory Activity Sparks Hope Slump Is Bottoming Out
– Bloomberg
China Is Speeding Up Infrastructure Bond Sales to Boost Spending
– Bloomberg
Country Garden Posts Record Loss, Warns of Possible Default
– Bloomberg
Japan’s Output Drop Misses Consensus as China Woes Reverberate
– Bloomberg
China Stock Investors Pin Hopes on Revival After Brutal August
– Bloomberg
Foreign investors sell China shares at record pace in August – Financial Times
What the WSJ Gets Wrong About China – Louis Gave
Turkey, Egypt Defy Emerging Markets’ Worst August in Years
– Bloomberg
Secret paper trail reveals hidden Adani investors – Financial Times

Wealth Management

A Passively Dangerous Mania – Bill Smead
Is US Economic Resilience Peaking? – James Picerno
Turning India Into The Next China – Portfolio Armor
Inflation vs. Deflation—What’s at Stake – Jared Dillian
Su rentabilidad no es la de su fondo – Fernando Luque
Will We See A BRICS Currency? – Rick Rule & Mike Maloney
Is the Mother of All BEAR Markets Coming Soon? – Mark Skousen
ChatGPT vs Human Financial Advisor: A Clear Winner – Coryanne Hicks
Does Technical Knowledge Always Lead to Economic Growth? – Frank Shostak
Brasil: Reforma tributaria apunta a los fondos offshore y exclusivos – Funds Society
Chile: Inversionistas locales, más optimistas, pero miran atentos entorno político – Funds Society