Miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Arce admite que el país “toca fondo” en producción de gas natural – El Diario
Bolivia: Depósitos bajan y créditos crecen moderadamente – El Diario
Brasil: Lula sube impuestos a los “superricos” y sus fondos offshore – Mauricio Ríos García
Argentina Central Bank Sees Monthly Inflation Going Over 10%
– Bloomberg
Chile: Codelco Put Under Review by Moody’s With Debt Piling Up – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Por qué los periodistas están abandonando el país – Mauro Echeverría
Colombia: Error y acierto en el precio de la gasolina – La República
Stocks lose steam with fresh jobs, GDP data in focus – Yahoo Finance
EEUU revisa a la baja el crecimiento del PIB del segundo trimestre: 2,1% – Bolsamanía
U.S. job growth slowed sharply to 177,000 in August, below expectations – CNCB
US Futures Rise as Data Shows Softening Economy – Bloomberg
Global Dividends Hit a Record High, Driven by Banks – Lauren Foster
Nuevos datos económicos en EE. UU. moverán bolsas mundiales – Valora
Three words loom over the US economy: ‘Hard data confirm’ – Yahoo Finance
The New Socialism Is a Public-Private Partnership – Jörg Guido Hülsmann
The Unwelcome Return of Covid Restrictions and Lockdowns – Connor O’Keeffe
Scamming taxpayers with the federal government’s mission creep – Richard W. Rahn
Eurozona: La confianza económica en agosto cae más de lo previsto – Reuters
UK Home Sales Poised to Plunge to Lowest in Over a Decade
– Bloomberg
UK Money Supply Stops Growing in Possible Recession Warning
– Bloomberg
The Bank of England is facing major losses on its bond purchases – CNBC
Sticky German and Spanish inflation lift investor bets on ECB rate rise – FT
Germany rejects subsidies for energy-intensive industries – Financial Times
Alemania adopta plan de estímulo fiscal para relanzar economía en crisis – AFP
La inflación sube en agosto al 2,6% y la tasa subyacente se modera al 6,1% – Bolsamanía
A worldwide lithium shortage could come as soon as 2025 – CNBC
Hong Kong Shows That If China Hides Bad News, We Will Know – John Tamny
Looking Into Why China’s Economy Is Apparently Slowing Down – Jen Kirby
China’s Country Garden rushing to raise cash to avoid default – CNN Business
China Mortgage Rate Cuts Fall Short of ‘Game Changer’ Policy
– Bloomberg
China Moves to Stabilize Finances of Troubled Shadow Bank
– Bloomberg
PBOC Drafts Policy to Give Private Firms More Funding Access
– Bloomberg
Country Garden to Issue $34 Million of Shares to Pay Loans
– Bloomberg
China’s corruption crackdown rips through healthcare sector – Financial Times

Wealth Management

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Is the End of High Interest Rates Finally in Sight? – Matt McCall
Don’t Read Much Into the Late-Summer Wiggles – Market Minder
Will September Kill Off the Stock-Market Bullishness? – Jeff Remsburg
¿Cuándo vender una acción? ¿Y qué comprar en su lugar? – Ruth Saldanha
El problema no son los paraísos fiscales, sino el infierno tributario – Martín Litwak
Iconic America vs. Debt-Soaked America: Hard Landing Ahead – Matthew Piepenburg
Piepenburg, Rule and Rickards Agree: Gold’s Role Rises as Dollar Hegemony Falls – Matterhorn AM