Miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gestora sanciona a Síntesis con Bs 30.000 por percance técnico – El Deber
Brazil State to Sell Copel’s Control in $1.1 Billion Offer – Bloomberg
Why Brazilians are moving from the coast to the inland – Bryan Harris
Chile enfrenta fatiga electoral antes de finalizar plazo para una nueva CPE – Bloomberg
Colombia: Acción de Ecopetrol cae tras desplome de utilidades – Bloomberg
IPC de México se desacelera antes de decisión de tasa de Banxico – Bloomberg
Mexico Inflation Slows as Expected Ahead of Central Bank Rate Decision
– Bloomberg
Stocks sink for second day ahead of inflation data – Yahoo Finance
The stock market’s biggest risk is the Fed looking backwards – Yahoo Finance
Oil Hits Fresh High for the Year on Simmering Black Sea Risks
– Bloomberg
Bond Market Inflation Gauge Shows Doubts About Swift Fed Victory
– Bloomberg
Do Monopolies Cause Price Inflation? – Frank Shostak
Credit Crunch: The Money Supply Has Shrunk For Eight Months In a Row – Ryan McMaken
The Era of the Teary Retirement Is Now… And Forever – John Tamny
A Roman Emperor Who Failed at Instituting Monetary Reform – Lawrence Reed
Florida’s Economy Is Booming. How I’ll Do Same For U.S. – Ron DeSantis
Texas Passes Historic Tax Relief, But Spent Too Much – Vance Ginn
Meloni’s first brush with markets undermines Italy’s credibility – Financial Times
Italy backtracks with cap on windfall tax after bank shares slide – Financial Times
Emerging-Market Traders on Carry Hunt Look Past China Data
– Bloomberg
Deflación en China – Europa Press
China entra en deflación: el IPC cae un 0,3% en julio – El Economista
China hawk says Beijing could attack Taiwan by 2024, bringing ‘war to the West’ – CNBC
China’s consumer prices fall for the first time in 2 years, as fears of deflation grow – CNCB
How China cornered the market for clean tech – Financial Times
China entra en deflación por primera vez desde 2021
AI is still driving Big Tech earnings – Yahoo Finance
Why Apple stock is on the brink of a 10% correction – Yahoo Finance
It’s Disney Earnings Day. The Kingdom’s Magic Is Missing – Barron’s

Wealth Management

Newsletter Agosto 2023 – Cobas AM
20 Finance Laws to Live By – Jared Dillian
What ESGers Don’t Understand – Don Boudreaux
S&P drops ESG scores from debt ratings amid scrutiny – FT
Activos estructurados: pura creatividad – IcariaCap
The (In)Accuracy of Market Forecasts – Larry Swedroe
Pullback, Correction Or Start of A New Bear? – Joseph Calhoun
Fed’s Data Dependency Remains Order of the Day – Amy Yang
Markets Think Rate Hikes Are Over. Maybe Not – James Picerno
What a Difference a Quarter Makes. Or Does It? – Richard Moody
Political Gridlock Is Gold: What It Means For Stocks In ’24 – Ken Fisher
¿Está el mercado caro o barato? (Julio 2023) – Fernando Luque
El riesgo de deflación, otra piedra en el camino para China – Funds Society
Cómo seleccionar a un gestor de fondos: Análisis cualitativo vs cuantitativo – Javier Sáenz de Cenzano