Viernes, 25 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: El gran ganador está siendo el desconcierto – Manuel Adorni
Argentina, los BRICS y una coyuntura local incompatible con el mundo – Manuel Adorni
Argentina: Bullrich reúne sus economistas como alternativa a dolarización de Milei – Forbes
Brasil reduce su déficit con el exterior un 32 % en julio
Brazil’s Inflation Speeds Past Forecasts After Key Rate Cut
– Bloomberg
Brasil: La inflación sube más de lo previsto a mediados de agosto – Reuters
Brasil: Inflación anual se acelera más de lo previsto – Bloomberg
Powell says Fed ‘prepared to raise rates further’ to bring inflation down – Yahoo Finance
Stocks remain in green as Powell speaks – Yahoo Finance
Bond Market Losses Are Finally Over, Unless Yields Blow Past 6%
– Bloomberg
Dedollarization, the BRICS Expansion, and Sound Money – Peter C. Earle
Powell warns inflation ‘too high’ in hawkish Jackson Hole speech – Financial Times
Senior Fed official warns US interest rates may need to rise again – Financial Times
Mastercard ends Binance card partnership in latest blow to crypto giant – CNBC
Why Do Some Countries Stay Poor? – Peter Jacobsen
Macro Illusions – Tyler Cowen
Alemania confirma que su PIB se estancó en el segundo trimestre
German businesses’ confidence falls as economy stagnates – Financial Times
Germany Faces Grim Outlook as Business Confidence Worsens
– Bloomberg
Russians Have Lifted Our “Whip Inflation Now” Pins – John Tamny
De-dollarization still a long way off, India says on BRICS common currency – CNCB
U.S. Shouldn’t Repeat China’s Economic Errors – Allison Schrager
Por qué no se arreglará la economía china – The Economist
China Stimulus Rally Lasts Just 10 Minutes, Showing Trader Gloom
– Bloomberg
China’s Maneuvering and the New Balance of Power – J.R. MacLeod
Everything China Is Doing to Juice Its Flagging Economy
– Bloomberg
China’s EV slowdown drags down Nvidia’s ‘next billion-dollar business’ – CNBC
Morgan Stanley Cuts China Stock Targets Again on Growth Risk
– Bloomberg
Schroders Shuns ‘Cheap’ China Stocks in Favor of Taiwan, Korea
– Bloomberg
China imports record amount of chipmaking equipment – Financial Times
China’s Stumbling Economy Speeds Up Demand for Sovereign Bonds
– Bloomberg
Dubai luxury home prices soar by almost 50%, with Tokyo’s up 26% – CNBC

Wealth Management

I’ve Got Bad News For Employees – Jeff Snider
Historical Shifts and what we do now – Doug Casey
Are Uranium Bulls Too Early to the Party? – Jan Stuart
Into Perspective: Soft August Flash PMIs – Fisher Investments
Espía de Fondos: ¿Microsoft, Apple o Nvidia? – Fernando Luque
Ratings Agencies Always Tell Us “What Happened” – Market Minder
Deficit Surge Will Lead To Lower Rates, Not Higher – Lance Roberts
Materias primas: no hay superciclo, salvo para el cobre – Julius Baer
How High Will Interest Rates Go Before ‘True Trainwreck’ Hits? – David Hay
Austriacos vs. Monetaristas de Mercado sobre la burbuja inmobiliaria – Robert P. Murphy