Miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

El nuevo gran lamento boliviano (chino y ruso) por el litio – Mauricio Ríos García
Chile: Cómo Salvador Allende empobreció a los chilenos – Juan Ramón Rallo
Stock futures stumble as CPI data comes in hot – Yahoo Finance
Inflation Rose. But Today’s CPI Data Weren’t All Bad – Barron’s
U.S. August core inflation rose 0.3% hotter than expected – CNBC
Why the Fed’s Tight Rate Stance Damages the Economy – Frank Shostak
Inflation accelerates as oil prices surge – Yahoo Finance
Without Rules, the Fed Rules – Alexander W. Salter 
Lots of Red Ink at the Fed – Alex J. Pollock
The Mate 60 Mocks the Unserious Critics of Huawei – John Tamny
European Union launches anti-subsidy probe into Chinese EVs – Bloomberg
EU Escalates China Tensions With Probe to Ward Off Cheap EVs
– Bloomberg
Welcome to the Crazy World of China’s Lithium Mine Auctions
– Bloomberg
Iron Ore Declines as Data Shows China Property Concerns Persist – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Fewer Losers, or More Winners? – Howard Marks
The Secret to Investing in the Stock Market – Jared Dillian
Why Investing On Economic Data Is Foolish – Mark Rzepczynski
Markets Eyeing Fed Policy Meeting Next Week – DiMartino Booth
¿Qué hacer con la renta fija? De la gubernamental al crédito – Andbank
Citi’s Family Office Clients Are Hunting for Direct Investments
– Bloomberg
Brace For 50%-70% Market Crash, $150 Oil, Housing Collapse – Todd Horwitz
¿Y si la curva de tipos se “desinvierte” como nadie espera que lo haga? – Víctor Alvargonzález