Miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Inflación monetaria: la trampa de la banca central – Alberto Benegas Lynch (h)
Argentina: Carlos Melconian presenta su plan de economía – Alejandro Fantino
Argentina: China derrumbó los mercados y su devaluación golpeó al BCRA – Infobae
Argentina: La recesión llega a las calles: Mercado Sin Bozal – Bloomberg
Uruguay en jaque por auge de precios de ganga en Argentina
Bolivia: Exploración petrolera cayó en 70% en los últimos 18 años – Los Tiempos
Chile Maps Out Interest Rate Cuts to 8% This Year After Paring Easing
– Bloomberg
EEUU: El déficit comercial sube el 2 % en julio – EFE
Stocks slide as worries about inflation revive – Yahoo Finance
What’s the Harm in Raising the Inflation Target? – Bryan Cutsinger
How digital cash got caught up in the culture wars – Financial Times
Why China’s slowdown is a ‘top risk’ for the US economy – Yahoo Finance
Soaring US Dollar Raises Alarm as China, Japan Escalate FX Pushback
– Bloomberg
China’s Bumbling Statists – Dan Mitchell
‘There’s No Plan B’: Oil Chiefs Sound Alarm on Refining Woes
– Bloomberg
Ramaswamy’s Anti-ESG ETF Firm Hits $1 Billion in Assets
– Bloomberg
Mistake-Prone Fed Could Be Creating a Downturn – Desmond Lachman
Florida’s Reasonable Response to Hurricane Idalia – Richard Rahn
State Development Incentives: Taxes, Investment, and Tullock Auctions – M. Munger 
ECB’s Knot Says Markets Risk Underplaying Hiking Chances
– Bloomberg
European Stocks Fall for Sixth Day on Weak German Data, Oil Gain
– Bloomberg
Eurozone housebuilding declines at fastest pace since start of pandemic – FT
Turkey hikes inflation view on path to policy orthodoxy – CNBC
Erdoğan abandons cheap money to counter Turkey’s soaring inflation – FT
China’s Distressed Developers Soar in Wave of Speculative Buying
– Bloomberg
China and Japan push back against dollar strength – Financial Times
China: las dos burbujas que amenazan a la economía mundial – Santiago Calvo

Wealth Management

Why Aren’t You Rich? – Jared Dillian
Switzerland unveils money laundering clampdown – FT
La economía: el debate entre macroeconomistas – EDM
¿Invertir en China ante la crisis inmobiliaria? – Lazard AM
Alto rendimiento: el enigma de las valoraciones – Kevin Bakker
Will the Fed Really Cut Rates 5 Times Next Year? – Sarah Hansen
Why Investors Must Learn the Essential Skill of Sitting Still – Ken Fisher
Can Joe Biden’s Jobs Numbers Be Trusted Any More? – Issues & Insights
A Consumer Credit Cycle Has Begun – Steven Vannelli, Knowledge Leaders Capital
Oportunidades en renta fija y selectivos en renta variable, con un dólar aún estable – Andbank