Jueves, 12 de octubre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia is ‘ripe for mineral exploration’ says CEO of New Pacific Metals – Kitco
Chile: Guerra al crecimiento – Luis Larraín
Chile: Codelco Is Said to Near Buyout of Australia’s Lithium Power – Bloomberg
Conflicto Israel y Hamás ensombrece perspectivas económicas: Georgieva – Reuters
US urges restraint on Israel amid fears of regional war – Financial Times
EEUU: Inflación sube al 3,7 %, encima de lo proyectado en Wall Street – Valora
Inflation holds steady in September – Yahoo Finance
US futures tread water amid inflation plateau – Yahoo Finance
CPI print: Inflation ticks up in September – Yahoo Finance
Inflation Held Firm, but There’s Good News for the Fed – Barron’s
EEUU: IPC se mantiene en 3,7% en septiembre, subyacente cae a 4,1% – Bolsamanía
EEUU: La inflación se mantiene en 3,7%, no cede la décima esperada – El Economista
Treasury Two-Year Yield Tops 5% After CPI Report: Markets Wrap
– Bloomberg
Fed sugiere nuevas subidas de tasas para alcanzar objetivo del 2% de inflación – EI
U.S. consumer prices rose 0.4% in September, more than expected – CNBC
Accelerating US Core Inflation Set to Muddy Rate Picture for Fed
– Bloomberg
Headline CPI Hotter Than Expected, Core Remains Above 4.00% – Zero Hedge
Workers Never Catch Up To Inflation – Clifford Thies
Why Joe’s Bidenflation Will Define His ‘Bidenomics’ – Daniel McCarthy
Oil & Gas Industry Needs to Attract Next Gen Talent – Michael Brown
Oil price shock could spur another rate hike, ECB member says – CNBC
BCE no debe interrumpir compra de bonos antes de tiempo: Stournaras – Reuters
Japan Producer Inflation Slides Below Latest CPI Gauge
– Bloomberg
The Benefits of China’s Market Reforms Shouldn’t Be Forgotten – James Dorn
Why Must Supply Precede Demand? Understanding Economic Foundations – Frank Shostak

Wealth Management

The High-Water Mark – Jared Dillian
Unwinding The Financial System – Alasdair Macleod
¿Están cansados los inversores del ESG? – James Gard
How the Fed Undermines Prosperity – George Ford Smith
Financial Markets Clearly In a Risk-Off Mode – Brad McMillan
What ‘Underemployment’ Means For the Markets – Market Minder
For Investors, a ‘Been There, Done That’ To Shutdowns – Stephen McBride
A quién beneficia y a quién perjudica este nuevo conflicto – Víctor Alvargonzález
¿Qué acciones ha comprado y vendido Panza Capital en el tercer trimestre? – Bolsamanía
The Bond Vigilantes Are Back! And They’re NOT Happy About Deficit Spending – Ed Yardeni