Miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Importación de gasolina y diésel aumenta en 132% – Los Tiempos
En Argentina, la moneda está en el aire – Marcos Falcone
Argentina: What is the Right Way To Kill a Defective Currency? – Manuel García Gojon
Former Brazil Central Banker Bets on Higher Rates and Weaker Real
– Bloomberg
Chile Peso Gains as Central Bank Says It Will Weigh Recent Rout
– Bloomberg
Chile: Deuda alcanzaría máximos de los años 80, según JP Morgan – Bloomberg
Chile: Codelco logró acuerdo con Lithium Power por 100% de sus acciones – AE
Perú: Economía en rojo: ¿Qué factores agudizan su contracción este 2023? – AE
Ecuador: Riesgo país baja tras triunfo de Daniel Noboa – El Universo
¿Para dónde va Ecuador? – Ian Vásquez
Israel, justicia y guerra – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
US Economic Data Keep Coming In Stronger and Defying Forecasts
– Bloomberg
US futures fall, oil jumps as hospital blast fans Mideast fears – Yahoo Finance
The Economic Impact of the ‘Golden Years’ Is Just Beginning – Bruce Yandle
Return To Old Time Fiscal Religion – Alexander Salter
Wall Street Worries Over Swelling US Debt Put Fed in Tight Spot
– Bloomberg
Lina Khan Hasn’t Found An Antitrust Violation, She’s Found Past – John Tamny
No, We Cannot Afford to Fund Yet Another War – Connor O’Keeffe
Hamas’s Victory – Ron Paul
Biden tells Israel ‘other team’ appears to be behind deadly hospital explosion – FT
Futures Slide, Oil Jumps As Mideast Tensions Rise – Zero Hedge
Oil Surges After Iran Calls For Oil Embargo Against Israel – Zero Hedge
¿Viene ‘gasolinazo’? Transporte de petróleo encarece por conflicto Israel-Hamás – EF
BofA Says Funds Boost Energy Stock Holdings to Most Since March – Bloomberg
UK inflation holds steady for September after BoE pauses rate hikes – CNCB
UK Inflation Stays Higher Than Expected After Oil Price Jump
– Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley profits drop 9% after investment banking slump – FInancial Times
Morgan Stanley profit shrinks as Wall Street slowdown lingers – Yahoo Finance
China: PIB supera pronósticos al subir 1,3 % intertrimestral julio/septiembre – EFE
La economía china se desacelera en el tercer trimestre
China Property Stocks Drops to Lowest Since 2009 as Stress Rises
– Bloomberg
China Is Becoming a Data Black Hole, Short Seller Aandahl Says
– Bloomberg
China’s growth beats forecasts as consumer spending improves
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Análisis de mercados (Octubre 2023) – Trea AM
Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment – Jared Dillian
EV or Hybrid? What the Next Decade Holds – Barry Ritholtz
September CPI: Shelter, Gasoline Push It Up – Richard Moody
When It All Collapses, They’ll Blame Gold Bugs – Quoth The Raven
Fears of Shrinking Bond Demand a Tad Overstated – Market Minder
EV Sales Jumped 50% in Q3 – Who’s Celebrating? – Jonathan M. Gitlin
Technology Earnings Are on Tap. Why AI Is Now a Real Threat – Barron’s
The Hidden Indicators EVERY INVESTOR Should Watch Out For – Jeffrey Snider