Viernes, 20 de octubre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentine politics faces shake-up in pivotal election – Financial Times
Argentina: El desorden y la confusión dominan la realidad electoral – Manuel Adorni
Chile: La razón de S&P para bajar la calificación: poco consensopolítico – BioBio
Bolivia: Dólar paralelo se consolida, difícil conseguirlo al cambio oficial – Los Tiempos
Peru’s prime minister on fatal protests, renewal and reform – Financial Times
Ecuador: Dos reformas importantes – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
The Monetary Roller-Coaster Of The 1890s In Post-Imperial Brazil – Bernardo Decoster
US futures fall as week of yield battering nears end – Yahoo Finance
Stocks open lower as spike in yields overshadows earnings – Yahoo Finance
Don’t count on earnings to save stocks from bond pressure – Yahoo Finance
Powell will keep saying inflation is high until consumers believe him – Yahoo Finance
BofA Sees Near-Term Stock Rally as Signal Flashes Contrarian Buy
– Bloomberg
Bostic dice que la Fed podría bajar las tasas hacia finales de 2024
Surging Bond Yields Could Help to Keep the Fed on Hold – Barron’s
The Chain Linking Rome and Mexico City To You and Me – Jeffrey Snider
Oil Hits $90 on War Escalation Fear as Stocks Drop: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
Curtailing Violence with Economic Freedom – Robert E. Wright 
US universities lose millions as donors pull funding over Hamas stance – FT
UPenn loses another major donor as antisemitism controversy mounts – Fox Business
España: El asalto fiscal que viene – José María Triper
España tiene los impuestos más altos de Europa en IRPF, Patrimonio y Sucesiones – LM
Qué hay detrás del temor del BCE al euro digital – Javier Fernández
Expecting a Year-End European Stock Rally? Strategists Say No
– Bloomberg
ECB’s Peak Rates to Endure Despite Economic Perils, Survey Shows
– Bloomberg
Israel plans to sever links with Gaza after three-phase war – Financial Times
There is no Hamas without Iran – Larry Kudlow
China Stocks Erase All Reopening Gains as Property Woes Persist
– Bloomberg
China Offers Record Cash Infusion to Keep Rates Low for Growth – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Elecciones en Argentina – Vontobel
The Illusion of Prosperity – Mike Maharrey
Economists Are Lousy Oracles – Scott Sumner
The Fed ‘can’t be a prisoner’ to economic data – Jim Grant
On the Latest European Gas Supply Fears – Market Minder
A First Look At S&P 500 Dividends Through 2024 – Ironman
The U.S. Economy Ended Q3 On a Good Note – Market Minder
Why Is Sentiment So Much Worse Than Reality? – Barry Ritholtz
Correlations and the Definition of the Money Supply – Frank Shostak
La tensión geopolítica y renta fija dirigen activos de riesgo – Andbank
That 2% inflation target may not be sacred for much longer – Gillian Tett
Case for Nuclear as Biggest Investment Game Changer – Stephen McBride
There Is So Much For Investors To Be Optimistic About – Stephen McBride
Perspectivas para el cuarto trimestre: ¿hay que ajustar las carteras? – Funds Society
Las oportunidades de inversión en el Q4 se encuentran en las divergencias regionales – Schroders