Miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Milei volvió de EEUU y confirmó a Caputo en Economía – Forbes
Argentina: Milei anticipó estanflación en primeros meses de gobierno – Infobae
Bolivia: PGE 2024 plantea PIB del 3,71% e inflación de 3,60% – Los Tiempos
Chile: ¿Empleados públicos informales? – Tomás Flores
Colombia: Petro empieza a cobrar impuesto a plataformas digitales – Valora
Colombia nombra nuevo presidente de Agencia de Hidrocarburos – Bloomberg
US futures climb amid revived hopes for Fed pivot – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Advance With Treasuries as Pivot Bets Grow
– Bloomberg
It’s Time to Discard Piketty’s Inequality Statistics – Phillip W. Magness
EEUU revisa al alza el PIB en el tercer trimestre, hasta el 5,2% – Bolsamanía
US Economy Grew 5.2% in Third Quarter, More Than First Estimated – Bloomberg
The Nikki Haley wild card for 2024 – Edward Luce
DeSantis leads Trump and Biden in $250mn 2024 advertising race – FT
Biden Malaise Can Be Fixed With Better Policies – Richard Rahn
Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See Thriving Economy – Lydia DePillis
Former top Trump advisor Gary Cohn: U.S. economy is ‘back to normal’ – CNBC
Market vulnerabilities and a possible U.S. recession: predictions for 2024 – CNBC
El secreto del ‘aterrizaje suave’ en EEUU: el bono y un indicador raro – El Economista
Sticky inflation could keep rates high into 2025 in eurozone and UK, warns OECD – FT
OECD Sees Fed, ECB Keeping Tight Policy Longer Than Market View
– Bloomberg
OECD Warns Global Economy Risks Losing Momentum
– Bloomberg
Bill Ackman Says Fed Will Cut Rates Sooner Than Expected – Bloomberg
Another Forecaster Predicts Home Prices Will Fall in 2024 – Barron’s
Oil Climbs Again With OPEC+ Meeting and Fed Signals in Focus
– Bloomberg
España: Nuestro desplome político y… económico – Ignacio Ruiz-Jarabo
Alemania: IPC cae en noviembre al 3,2%, su nivel más bajo desde 2021 – Bolsamanía
Berkshire’s future in focus after Munger’s death – Yahoo Finance
Looking back at the life and legacy of investing legend Charlie Munger – CNBC
We are forecasting 5,000 on the S&P 500 for next year and soft landing’ – BofA strategist
Corporate America pays tribute to Charlie Munger – Yahoo Finance
Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway vice-chair, 1924-2023 – Financial Times
Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger dies aged 99 – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Now is the time to buy precious metals – Marc Faber
Mohnish Pabrai’s Talk at the YPO Waterloo Austin – YPO
Outlook 2024 – markets in the age of the 3D Reset – Schroders
Layoffs Are Traumatic but Not the End of the World – Jared Dillian
Gold and Interest Rates Don’t Have LT Relationship – Market Minder
The Charlie Munger Principles to Invest and Live By – Jonathan Levin
La tarea fundamental de proteger a los inversores – Funds People
Peter Schiff talks gold, calls Bitcoin ‘a pure Ponzi’ scheme – Yahoo Finance
5 Oil & Gas Companies on the Brink of Big Earnings Growth – Avi Salzman
When silver breaks out, the move will be ‘quite significant’ – George Paspalas
El problema para los inversores en fondos se llama 2% – Víctor Alvargonzález
Inversores y banqueros centrales opinan diferente sobre los tipos – Álex Fusté
Gold to see ‘explosive move’ as hedge funds rush back to the metal – Tavi Costa
Gold will shine in summer, oil shock could send spot prices above $2,400/oz – BofA
How Javier Milei Could Make Argentina a Beacon of Freedom and Prosperity – Doug Casey